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How to Stay Match Fit Throughout a Game of Golf

The modern-day golfer has a support team of nutritionists, therapists, their caddy and various mentors in their back-room team there to optimize their playing ability during a championship. Their training regime, as with many professional athletes is focused on building up levels of energy, strength and flexibility. While the average amateur will not usually have the time to put in the same level of off-course training, they can benefit from the following key pillars of on-course performance optimization techniques.

Why is Golf Not More Popular in Italy?

Why is it that golf is not such a big hit in Italy? This is the kind of pleasantly perplexing question that might float into one’s mind while enjoying a walk in the rolling green hills of north Lazio, Tuscany or Umbria or while relaxing on the beach under a clear blue summer sky.

Callaway Golf Bags – Convenience For You and Your Golf Clubs

Everybody wants to experience what Callaway golf bags bring to the table in terms of convenience, functionality and quality. The brand has steadily gained more popularity over the years because of how well the company manufactures the equipment. While other companies have remained stagnant, Callaway has begun to develop different ways to further improve their products and thus far has been able to back up their claim of being the best in the business.

Golf is 90% Mental – Shouldn’t You Prepare? Duh!

The person who first declared that golf is a mental game knew what he was talking about. You have to understand the proper swing fundamentals and how to play the game, but the mental approach to golf reigns supreme. Your mental outlook on the world in general will most often determine how you’re going to play before you hit your first shot of the day.

How to Hit a Golf Ball 3,255 Yards

Several weeks ago a golf magazines caught my eye. A banner on the cover said “217 ways to add 15 yards.” I’m good at doing math in my head, so I figured that by following all these tips, you could hit the ball 3,255 yards and shoot a 3 on the front nine.

Golf GPS Reviews – 4 Quick Steps That Can Lower Your Golf Handicap

Newer pieces of technology that are available are helping many to navigate their way through almost any location. One of the components that are helping many on the golf course are the golf GPS units. This not only provides basic assistance in determining the next swing, but is able to offer extra measures when you are getting ready to play a game of golf.

A Better Golf Swing

If you feel that you are simply not generating the type of energy off the drive that you would like, then it may be time to look into some swing training. There are literally thousands of great training options available today.

Fire Your Caddy and Invest in Golf GPS Systems

Golf GPS Systems as with most pieces of technology can be a wonderful thing – but how do you select one that best meets your needs and most importantly help improve your game? The article provides you with 3 critical features that should be included every golfers golf GPS system.

The Comfort in Golf Shoes

If you are one of those golfers that try to get out on the course as much as physically possible, then you will understand the importance of being comfortable in golf shoes. You are always on your feet when you are playing golf. You will drive, chip, and putt your way across a great chunk of land all while trying to make the most of your day. If you are uncomfortable by the 4th hole, chances are you are going to go downhill rather quickly.

Benefits of High End Ladies Golf Shoes

It really does make a difference in your golf game if you are comfortable and have the right foot support to make that perfect shot. High end ladies golf shoes are worth every penny of the extra money you’ll have to spend. Avid women golfers know how important it is to wear shoes that enhance every minute of the time they are out on the golf course.

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