Paige Spiranac fires back after response to Masters tweet

Walking While You Play Golf

Walking while you play golf is not only good exercise but a great way to actually improve your game. Walking allows you to focus and relax between shots and also will keep you relaxed which is a key to a good swing.

Offseason Plan For Golfers

I am fortunate to live in the sunny southern part of the United States. So we get to pretty much play golf year round. Some years it is colder and wetter than normal, but most years there aren’t any months we can’t play several rounds a month.

How to Chip the Ball Close From Lush Lies

We shouldn’t be upset when we miss the green. It just means the width of the green is narrower than the range of error in our approach shots. It doesn’t mean we have to give up on making our par.

How to Chip the Ball Close From Tight Lies

Sometimes you miss the green and the ball ends up just a few feet away. Chipping close from there is pretty simple. Many times the miss is farther away than that, up to twenty yards. Getting up and down from here isn’t that hard to do either, if you know how.

Ladies Golf Clubs – 3 Things to Remember

There are many types of ladies golf clubs already out in the market today. These are especially made for women, to help them improve their skills in golf in different aspects. Because of this, a lot of women are now into playing the game for enjoyment or even for making money like participating in golf tournaments.

Locating the Best Ladies Golf Shoes

Shoes are very important components of dressing up for the right occasion or right event. For a woman who loves to play golf, there are always a ton of ladies golf shoes to choose from. Because there are a lot of them to choose from you may find yourself quite confused as which ones to buy.

A Brief Golf Lesson on Short Irons

Golf is quite an exciting game to play, and a golf swing short game can be as exciting as well. If you are planning to hit the course and enjoy this game, a short iron golf lesson can be a great way to improve short game golf for you. Here is an article that will provide you with golf short game instruction and some basic short iron golf lesson.

Choosing the One Among Dozens of Ladies Golf Bags

It can be somewhat of a challenge when a guy has to pick something out for a woman. You’re always going to be playing questions in your head that you won’t really know the answer to unless you actually buy her the thing and give it to her. If you intend to buy a golf bag for you lady friend, it’s always nicer and easier if you know what her likes and dislikes are before choosing from the hundreds of available ladies golf bags out there today.

Want to Fix a Golf Slice? – Get a Proper Grip and See a Real Difference

Some golfers remain frustrated for years because they never find out how to fix a golf slice. But if you are ever going to become a consistent player, being able to fix a golf slice is an absolute must. Most golfers do not even know what causes a slice shot but essentially it has its root in the grip.

Discovering What Datrek Golf Bags Are All About

It can definitely be hard to choose golfing apparel especially if you’ve never done so before by yourself. You always need to have a buddy who knows the game better than you tag along so he could give you advice on which ones to buy. Golf bags in particular are hard to choose.

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