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The Hazards of Golf

The fact that you can drive your ball 275 + yards is definitely something to be proud of, yet what happens when you have hit one of the many hazards of golf? A good drive is meant to make its way down the fairway and manage to avoid sand, rough, or even water.

Golf Irons

One of the most difficult and often overlooked decisions for new golfers is choosing which golf irons are right for you. Professional golfers take their approach shots to the green very serious and if you want to be considered a good golfer you should too.

Driving Range Tips – 3 Tips That Will Improve Your Practice Time at the Driving Range

Are you a keen golfer? Did you know that 70% of people waste their time at the driving range by just hitting endless balls? I admit I used to do just that, but not anymore. Keep reading and follow these driving range tips to improve your practice time.

Eliminate “3 Putts” With Stronger Lag Putting

If you find yourself on the green, but with 20 or more feet to go, your are looking at lag putting. What is lag putting? Lag putting is simply trying to leave yourself with a second putt that you can easily make.

The Newport Golf Simulator – Revolutionizing the Simulator Rental World

Released just last month the Newport golf simulator has changed the landscape of the golf simulator market for good. Smaller, sleeker and affordable are all benefits, but where this simulator will take over the market is in the rental industry.

Golf Chipping Lessons – Put the Driver Away

Golf chipping lessons can go a long way to dropping your golf handicap and curing those chipping woes. How often have you been barely off the green, and after your chip shot you ended up barely on the green? Can you feel my pain?

Tips For Teeing Off in Top Shape

Golfers often wonder how they can improve their swing and lower their handicap. Incorporating a golf specific conditioning program in the off season not only improves golf performance but also reduces the risk of injury. The combination of strength training, flexibility training, and cardiovascular conditioning is a golfer’s best friend when winter comes.

How to Chip the Ball Close From the Edge of the Green

If you’re paying attention to your game, you know that most of the strokes that keep your score higher than you want it to be are taken around the green. Sure, you’d like to hit the ball straighter and farther, but what’s really holding you back are those delicate, precise little shots. Let’s change that.

Does Fitness Improve Your Golf Game?

Do you need to be physically fit in order to improve your golf game? Many professional golfers seem to feel they need to be. This article looks at what is needed from the body in order to get that perfect swing.

Callaway Golf Shoes – 3 Reasons Why They Are the Ones For You

Every golfer wants to be comfortable on the golf course. Because of this, most players will go for Callaway golf shoes due to their class, quality, and convenience. Like most of their products, the shoes that this company manufactures for golfers are very popular because of these three qualities.

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