Our Best Distance Boosting Swing Tips for Older Golfers


Tiger Woods Rookie Cards – Popularity and Worth

Tiger Woods is a world-renowned golf player who has won many championships to his credit. It is quite natural that his numerous fans idolize him. Tiger Woods rookie cards are quite popular among his fans. There is the 2001 Upper Deck Tiger’s Tales 30 Card Set that features this legendary player in several stages of his career as a novice, a junior, an amateur and finally as a professional.

Three Go-To Short Game Shots You Need To Have

The variety of short game shots you might need to hit is almost infinite. No shot is ever the same as one you have hit before. While that might sound daunting, you can simplify things by having these three go-to shots that will get you through ninety percent of the short game situations you will face.

A Complete Short Game Can Be Yours By Knowing Its Variables

Any short game shot has four characteristics: direction, distance, trajectory, and spin. To know how to get the right combination for the shot you face, you need to know what the variables are in short game shotmaking and what shot characteristics each one creates.

How To Play Fairway Woods At Golf? Learn The Secrets To Hitting Them Long And Straight Every Time!

With golfers playing well into their 70’s and above these days it’s become increasingly important to learn how to play your fairway woods at golf. They provide that extra distance that is needed to reach longer par 3’s, 4’s and even par 5’s.

Has Golf Become Canada’s New National Sport?

Canadians love hockey. Passionately. But statistics show that golf, the fair weather sport, is played by more Canadians and does more for Canada’s economy than hockey does.

This Golfing Season Take A Lesson

Golf the sport of kings has been a most enjoyable sports as well as social and even business socializing past time. Hence if you are going to be a duffer take your golf game seriously. The worst thing to do in sports is to acquire and retain bad habits. Take the time and effort to obtain professional golf instruction lessons. In the end it can be said that golf is a most difficult game without handicapping yourself further. This golf season – take a lesson.

Three Ways To Avoid Three-Putt Greens

There are lots of reasons why we take three putts instead of two, but it all comes down to one thing: we didn’t leave the first putt close enough to the hole to get the second one in easily. While this little affliction will bite us occasionally, it can be no more than occasionally if we follow these three tips.

Course Review Studebaker Golf Course – South Bend, IN

Studebaker Golf Course is located in South Bend, Indiana. It was established in 1919 making it the city’s oldest course. The course is a 9-hole layout.

How To Sink More Downhill Putts At Golf? Learn My Secret Method For Holing More Downhill Putts Fast!

With the short game taking on so much importance in the game of golf, it’s vital that you become proficient when it comes to your putting. Most greens on golf courses are designed with lots of slopes and undulations so it’s important to become just as good a putter on sloping greens as it is on flat ones.

Golf GPS – A Great Tool To Help Manage Your Game

Guessing on the golf course can lead to big problems & high scores. Taking the guesswork out with the help of a golf gps device can help you manage your game. Don’t rely on your eyes…get help.

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