On The Green Golf, Magnetic Golf Towel with Magnet Landing Pad Golf Towel Clip. Absorbent Waffle Microfiber Magnetic Golf Towel with Removable Magnet and Strong Magnetic Clip Metal Landing Pad.

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Clean Clubs Fast With Our Waffle Micro Fiber Towel: Your 16x20in golf bag towel is lightweight, soft, and absorbent. The waffle texture on this microfiber towel allows for better cleaning of grooves while the polyester/polyamide fabric is nonabrasive, fast drying and resistant to wear and tear.
Strong, Removable Magnet: Just like a hole in one, you can feel the pull of golf magnetic towel as it gets closer to your club, cart, or golf bag clip mount. We even drove with it at 25mph and it stayed put! The magnet is inside our weather resistant silicone tag. Remove it to machine wash your towel.
A Magnetic Towel Holder That Won’t Scratch Clubs: Clip your landing pad to your golf bag for use as a magnetic towel clip, or to hold any other golf equipment. The 3.3×4.5in golf metal pad is rustproof iron, with a protective silicone/PVC sleeve on one side that prevents golf clubs getting scratched.
Useful Golf Gifts and Golf Accessories for Men and Women: Forget about a towel OR magnet golf towel holder on its own, because our golf towels WITH clip golf bag metal landing pad saves you shopping around for each item and makes for a handy golf gift set. And here’s yours, at On The Green Golf.
List Price: $19.99

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