Old Corkscrew Golf Course – Estero, Florida

Golf Grip Tips

To obtain the proper golf grip, first, hold the top of the club with your right hand. (If you use a left handed golf grip then reverse all of the following instructions.) Allow your left arm to hang naturally alongside the club adjacent to the golf club grip.

What Design of Golf Irons Do I Play With? The La Jolla Irons

The iron is genuinely the vital item of your bag. The capability to control and form your iron shots is what will define your game.

Beginner Golfer Fitness Programs – Enhance the Core

Would you like to know how to improve your game in golf? The formula is actually very simple. The right form of exercise will not only prevent injuries but they will also develop and build the core of a beginner golfer.

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To Improve Your Golf You Need to Fix That Golf Slice

Everything about the game of golf is a process and fixing a slice is no exception. You’re slicing the ball off to the right because your club head is open when you make contact. It’s that simple. But it’s not quite that simple to fix.

Golf Mobile and Home Smart Golf Game Simulator with Swing Stick


How to Be a Scratch Golfer by Spring

You need to sit down with your PGA pro or golf mentor and make an honest list of your golf game faults. Many golfers seem to exaggerate their problems and complicate them to such a point it becomes discouraging. Golf is suppose to be fun!

Is There a Golf Training Course Suited For You?

Bob absolutely loved golfing and wanted to improve his game, but he didn’t have a lot of time or money to devote to price private golf lessons. He knew his game wasn’t the best it could be, though, and he really wanted to find something that could help him improve his mechanics and overall skill on the course.

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Can a Golf Training Program Improve Your Golfing Performance?

My wife never seems to understand why I am so tired when I come home from playing golf. She has never played golf herself, and so she thinks that you just simply walk around and hit away at a ball every now and then.

Before You Buy an Indoor Putting Green

There are a few things you should really consider before buying an indoor putting green. I was lucky to have a knowledgeable friend who had some experience buying an indoor putting green. This article contains the advice he gave me when I bought my indoor putting green.

Becoming the Master of the Chip Shot

With a few simple steps, you can hit your chip shots like a pro. Here you can discover how really easy it is to execute proper chip shots.

How to Calculate and Use a Golf Handicap

Eventually, someone will ask you what your handicap is, and you’ll say something like, 14.3. But what does that mean? If you play in tournaments, you need to know. Likewise if you play friendly matches, so everyone knows how many strokes the stronger players must give their opponents.


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