Nikon COOLSHOT 50i

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Meet the first Nikon COOLSHOT rangefinder with a built in mounting magnet so it’s ready when you need it and out of the way when you don’t. Packed inside this smart, ergonomic design is Nikon’s outstanding rangefinder technology—slope-adjustment, DUAL LOCKED ON QUAKE for flagstick confirmation, superior optics, continuous measurement and more.
DUAL LOCKED ON QUAKE TECHNOLOGY Visual and gentle vibration cue that you are ranging the flag and not something behind it
INTEGRATED MAGNET Built in mounting magnet safely connects to metal surfaces for convenient storage
ID TECHNOLOGY Delivers the one number you need for your best shot to account for incline or decline shooting angles
COMPETITION APPROVED When Slope compensation is not allowed the Actual Distance Indicator (ADI) LED tells your competition you’re not using the ID Technology mode
OLED Display High Visability red display provides ideal contrast on distant targets
List Price: $299.95

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