MULSAME 37 Pcs Metal Stamping Kit with 1/8″ Number & Capital Letter Metal Stamps Square Shank Fit for Jewelry Stamping.

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MULSAME 36 Pcs Metal Stamping Kit with Number & Capital Letter Metal Stamps Square Shank Fit for Jewelry Stamping with 5 different sizes could be chosen.




Wristband Stamping

Necklace Stamping

Ring Stamping




Pet ID Card Stamping

Military Card Stamping

Key Stamping

MULSAME professional metal stamp kit includes uppercase 26pcs. Letter(A-Z), 9pcs. number(0-9) reverse “6” can be used as “9”,1pc. symbols(&) and 1pc.symbol(❤)
All metal stamps are made of high quality alloy steel to guarantee the strength and hardness. And Anti-rust oil would protect the metal letter stamps from getting rusty.
MULSAME stamping kit could be used on various materials. They are not only designed as jewelry stamping kit but also designed for Metal, Brass, Wood, Plastic, Leather, Aluminum etc..
With MULSAME metal stamping kit, accurate dimensions and clear strokes could be designed on rings, wristband, belt etc..
MULSAME letter punch set is organized in a plastic case for easy storage.
List Price: $13.99

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