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Will Pro Golf Equipment to Improve Your Game?

We all believe that the better your tools, the better your work will be. If you were a ball player, you might want to buy the same glove that Derek Jeter uses. If you are a golfer you want Phil Mickelson’s clubs. So, when Joe was looking for a quick fix for his game, he thought he would look into buying the same golf equipment that the professionals used.

How to Make More Putts and Finally Break 80 – 3 Simple Steps

Learning how to sink more putts on a consistent basis can allow you to break your scoring barrier once and for all, whether it be breaking 90, 80 or 70. Here are 3 simple steps to sink more putts and post your best round yet…

Golf Driver Tips – 10 More Yards in 10 Minutes

Hitting the driver well off the tee in golf is perhaps the most important part of the game. If you hit it well off the tee, then the entire hole sets up well for a good score. Hitting from farther down the fairway obviously means you’ll have less club into the green, meaning that you’ll have more of a chance of hitting the green. Here’s 3 quick tips to get you hitting the ball 10 yards further that you can quickly try in 10 minutes or less next time you are on the range.

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The Top 10 Things the Caddy Wants To Tell You But Doesn’t Want to Be Fired

Okay sticks, hacks, and all those in between who have hired a golf caddy (or been forced to take one). Here’s the top 10 things you (or your playing partners) did that the caddy was annoyed with but couldn’t say a thing about…

Golf Mobile and Home Smart Golf Game Simulator with Swing Stick


How To Take Care of Your Electric Golf Trolley Battery

Electric golf trolleys are an incredible convenience. They help us carry our clubs and enjoy the green by walking the course instead zooming by on a golf cart. However these useful inventions require maintenance, and one of the most critical pieces of equipment on an electric golf trolley is the battery.

Greenside Bunker Shot Tips – 3 Simple Steps Teach You How to Hit a Proper Explosion Shot Every Time

Green side bunkers can be very frustrating when you don’t know how to hit the shot, or you maybe sometimes do, but don’t know how you did it! When done correctly, green side bunker shots become easy. You don’t even need to hit the ball most of the time. Follow these simple steps…

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Why I Don’t Believe in ‘Personality Typing’ For Golfers

Recently I’ve become aware of coach’s in the golf psychology realm using ‘Personality Typing’ for Golfers. That is, they provide you with a series of questions designed to test your so-called ‘Golf Type’. In my opinion, not only is this NOT useful, it actually limits the golfer’s potential to improve.

General Rules With Playing Golf

When it comes to the origins of golf, there are about three theories, all just as plausible. It is quite difficult to figure out how, when and where this sport first appeared, but it can be noticed that golf has older roots than many of the other sports and that there is nothing weird about the popularity it has today. First of all, businessmen find their relaxation in this sport and they also play it during their working hours because they can carry different debates while playing it.

What Is Golf? And How It Appeared

Even nowadays, some people take golfing as a dilemma they cannot figure out and that is because they know very little about the origins of this sport. Very few of you might know that this sport was once a highly respected sport in most of the European countries and not only and that it was one of the hobbies of the political class. It all happened before World War Two.

Golf Is the Most Important Attraction for Businessmen

Although Winston Churchill is not necessarily a man who made his way into history through his sports performances, he classified golf as being a sport where you have to hit a ball too hard to get it into a too small hole with a completely inappropriate instrument. However, golf represents a passion for millions of people and captivates people between four and ninety years old. Also, it has known an incredible popularity over the last ten years.


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