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How to Play Golf – The Real Step Step by Guide

Golf is a very enjoyable game. To begin with the game is not very difficult and once you have learned the game and its subtle nuances, it can be highly addictive.

How to Choose the Perfect Golf Clubs

Have you ever wondered if there is, in fact, a “magic skill” in golfing? You know, that one skill, which, if you learn it, will allow you improve your game dramatically and be almost unstoppable on the green. Well, you are in luck because such a skill does exist.

What Golf Cart Accessories Would You Add?

With all of the necessities that you will need to complete a round of golf, most of us if given a choice, would gladly take a cart. Which type of cart you pick is up to you, a pull style or one that you ride in are your choices.

Golf Tips – Stretching

Although golf is a non-contact sport, injuries can occur. The most common cause of injury is straining a muscle because the golfer did not properly limber his body before swinging the clubs. General physical fitness and good health can prepare a golfer’s body for the unusual body motion of the golf swing, but a good stretching routine can help also.

Golf Swing Basics – Chipping Your Way to a Lower Score

You probably already know the key to lowering your golf score is to focus on golf swing basics. This is particularly very important around the golf green, as your approach can set you up to 1 putt or 3 putt the hole. That is why chipping is the key to a lower golf score.

Improve Your Putting For a Better Golf Score

When you travel to a local golf facility you see a high number of people swinging expensive drivers and the latest irons trying to perfect that perfect swing but for some reason the practice green resembles a cemetery. If you watch a major championship then you should know that the title is not won or lost when using the big clubs but what happens when the putter is pulled out of the bag.

Lost Creek Country Club – Luxury Living and Golfing in Austin

The Lost Creek Country Club offers a wide range of activities for families and individuals looking for an outstanding recreational experience. Best known for its championship golf course, the Lost Creek Country Club also offers sixteen lighted tennis courts, a state-of-the-art fitness center, on-site daycare services, three swimming pools, and a casual-dining restaurant offering prime rib specials and formal dining for special occasions. Lost Creek offers a comprehensive range of recreational activities and benefits for members, including discounts at golf courses all around the country and resorts in Austin and San Antonio.

Custom Golf Club Tips

Golfing ability, style, and swing are all very distinctive. Today you have the option of a custom fit golf club designed specially for your grip type, lie angle, swing type, shaft type, height, and a combination of many other factors.

Why Everyone Should Learn to Golf

Golf is the greatest game there is. There is no other sport that can provide the experience a round of golf can provide. When you play golf you get to spend half a day outdoors in a beautiful natural setting.

Top 5 Mistakes Made by Golf Inventors and How to Protect Your New Idea

Golf has increasingly come into the limelight, quickly growing in massive popularity. Therefore, inventions in the sport have also become more abundant, and this checklist of warnings protects inventors from some of the most common yet avoidable mistakes made by golf inventors worldwide.

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