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Different Types of Golf Clubhead Materials

Golf equipment comes in a bewildering array of shapes and materials providing golfers of all abilities with the club that is right for them, while making selection increasingly difficult. The quest for more distance off the tee in particular has led manufacturers to experiment with new materials for clubheads, although classic woods are still used today.

Golf Clubhead Materials – Wood and Metal

When the first clubmakers began, the only way to manufacture a long-distance club with enough mass in the head was to use wood which was plentiful and could be crafted. Until the 1970s, woods still deserved their name. Designs were rather traditional, and the only choice you had then was between clubheads carved from a single block of wood and laminated ones.

What is Torque in a Golf Shaft?

One of the buzzwords in golf these days is torque, which refers to the twist of a shaft under stress. When steel shafts were all you fitted to your clubs, torque was irrelevant for steel shafts have about 2° of twist, but with the growing popularity of graphite shafts, torque has become an integral part of design.

The Basics of Golf Clubheads

Bounce refers to the relation between the leading edge and the trailing edge of the grounded club, and is determined by the lateral radius of the sole. A cambered sole offers more bounce than a straighter sole.

Cut 10 Strokes Off Your Score Even Before You Get to the First Tee

It is well known by professionals that club fitting is critical for playing at a high level. What most recreational golfers don’t really understand is golf club marketing and sales is the biggest deterrent to club fitting.

How to Stay Relaxed and Play Better Golf

If your body were full of tension, it would be hard to play good golf. But what about your mind? When your mind is tense, you can’t play good golf, either. In fact, it is tension in the mind that leads to tension in the body. By relaxing the mind first, the body naturally relaxes too, and your best comes out.

Maspalomas Golf Course – Gran Canaria Spain

Maspalomas Golf Course was designed by Mackenzy Ross in 1968 and is located in the resort of Maspalomas. Maspalomas which is in the south-eastern part of the Gran Canaria Island is amongst the sunniest parts in the world. This course is bordered by palm trees and the well-known sand dunes of Maspolomas beach, giving the golf course an exceptional ambience.

The Perfect Rangefinder

Men love their toys, there is no denying that fact and one of the neatest toys you can buy for the golfer or the hunter in your family is a digital laser rangefinder. These cool little devices allow you to measure the distance to a far away object, much like binoculars but with a digital LED display that you can see through the viewfinder.

How to Buy Golf Equipment on eBay

eBay is full of great deals on pretty much any product on the face of this earth, including golf equipment. Learning how to dig through eBay and find the best deals can be your ticket to discount golf clubs.

Best Places to Buy Your Golf Equipment

It was my opinion that purchasing golf equipment from a golf course pro shop was never a good idea. I also believed that trading old clubs for new one was a good way to get good deals on equipment. Being employed in a pro shop helped me understand that I was incorrect in both assumptions.

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