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Tips to Improve Your Golf Swing

When playing the game of golf have you ever thought of your hands as a good weapon to win over the other competitors? If you have never thought of your hand as a weapon, read this article carefully and have your final judgement.

Points on How to Manage a Better Sway

This is a game that involves a lot of swinging. The aim of the sway is to hit the ball but with the purpose of attaining better scores. Various mechanisms have been applied to come up with good results after a perfect sway.

Five Key Things to Look For in a Golf GPS

There are many different types of golf GPS devices on the market today. If you are looking for one, there are a number of key things to look for (or be wary of) before you buy. I will not discuss price here: you can decide for yourself what you are willing to pay. I just want to let you know about some important things to consider.

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Want to Improve on The Grasp? Try This

Golf is a sporting activity which is played by swinging a club to strike the ball. Therefore, one thing the player needs to do is learn better ways to hold the club.

Golf Mobile and Home Smart Golf Game Simulator with Swing Stick


Simple Golf Swing Fundamentals

Golf is one of the most interesting games played by both men and women. This is a game with simple instructions that are easy to follow and understand hence liked by many people, and its popularity continues to increase all over the world.

Get a Grip on Golf Club Irons

Golf club irons come by their names naturally since the heads of these clubs are only constructed from some type of metal. Originally this was the one sure way to tell the difference between the “woods” and the “irons”, but today there are even some “woods” that have heads made from metal.

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How to Choose Women’s Golf Clubs

Do you need to buy golf clubs for women? Today, more and more women are taking up the sport, and to get the best results they need the right equipment. Although choosing the right golf clubs isn’t an exact science, it’s crucial to take some basic steps, to ensure that you choose the right ones.

Taylor Made Clubs Individualized For Performance Power

At the present time Taylor Made clubs are one of the most talked about brands in the golfing world. This is not just hype and PR hoopla as any dedicated golfing fan will tell you this brand is on fire, and it is giving many competitors a distinct run for their money.

Golf Swing Power and Accuracy – Do You Have it Yet?

It may take you years or it could take you one month, it depends on what action you decide on after reading this article. Most golfers would take the latter choice, as the aim of the game is to be consistent and to drop your handicap as fast as you can.

Golf Drivers – The Right Club For the Right Job

Golf has been around for a long time and it is one game that hasn’t changed very much. One thing that has changed, however, are driver clubs. Originally they were called woods simply because they were made of wood.


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