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Golf Swing Is Not Just Raw Power

Golf swing is not just raw power, and it has been proved again and again in game play. It is seen that some players over rely on their body strength and pay scant attention to other aspects such as release of the arm and timing, which are crucial to hit the ball to intended distance.

Simple Golf Swing Fixes to Eliminate Your Hook

Many golfers deal with and are constantly trying to correct a slice. But for other golfers, the dreaded hook is the problem. Let’s cover some simple golf swing fixes to eliminate your hook. Fortunately in golf, the golf swing does not have to be perfect, just consistent. You could have perfect fundamentals and still have things happen to cause errant shots.

Getting to Know the Basic Types of Golf Clubs

If you are new to the game of golf one of the first things you will probably want to do is become familiar with the different types of golf clubs used in playing the game. An average golfer’s bag contains a variety of distinct clubs, each designed with a specific purpose in mind for playing. Not only will the newbie to golf need to learn the names of these clubs, but will need to learn how to use each to be able to play effectively.

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Hard Work Can Certainly Improve Golf Swing

Golf is a game where you compete with yourself as much as you compete against other players. You have to learn to adjust according to the conditions of the source and the natural conditions such as wind speed and light, and other obstacles.

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Golf Swing Is the Key to Success in Golf

To achieve success in golf career, it is important to learn and master the golf swing. Every player wishes to hit the ball out of the park, but there are many factors that are involved in hitting a golf ball. It is not just power; neither is it timing alone.

Great Chipping Techniques

Are you having trouble with your chipping? Are you chilly dipping? Skulling the ball? If you’re then read on to get some good techniques!

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Electric Golf Trolleys – Choosing the Right One for You

Selecting an Electric Golf Trolley is a daunting task. With little independent research available, how does one decide which trolley is the right one? Here are some tips to help guide you in that process.

I Want to Improve My Golf Swing

The question is, how can you improve your golf? There are so many different methods thrown at us golfers. Whether our goal is breaking 100 for the first time as a high handicapper, breaking 80 consistently for the improving golfer or increasing our chances of hitting the magical hole in one, we golfers are all striving to improve our golf.

Golf – How to Interest Your Child in Golf

So how can you get your child interested in golf? Or any sport for that matter. Well this is where I sit with this one, I would love my son to grow and become the best golfer in the world and sink the winning putt at the Ryder Cup.

Golf Clubs For Beginners

One usual advice that a beginner from this game will receive is to go for a cheaper but brand new set of golf clubs or to buy the far cheaper second hand or used golf clubs. The fact that these golf clubs are cheap or are used does not make you less or more of a beginner. Moreover, it is just a practical way of starting from the beginning. Not unless, of course if you are really rich and you don’t mind spending a fortune for a sport that you will be playing maybe once in a blue moon.


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