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Golf Putting Instruction – Why Waste Time Reading Your Putt If You Can’t Control Your Distance?

Good golf putting instruction deals with two fundamentals – direction control and distance control. Mastering these two basic concepts is absolutely critical to effective putting.

Golf Short Game Lessons – Conquer Your Fear of the Short Pitch Shot

As technology has dramatically improved golf clubs and balls in the past 20 years, everyone is hitting it farther and straighter. To combat this trend, golf course architects have strived to protect their layouts by making the greens far less accessible. Today’s green complexes are protected by deep rough, lightning-fast sloping drop-offs, ponds, creeks, and massive bunkers of every size and shape. It’s no wonder that such obstacles strike fear into the hearts of the average golfer.

3 Golf Driving Tips That Will Improve Your Game and Help You Beat Your Friends!

Think back to a time when you teed off and caught the ball flush on the sweet spot and watched it fly off down the fairway. It’s one of the best feelings in the world! How would you like to be able to do that every time? Long, accurate drives are possible for anyone and following golf driving tips will help you on your way.

How to Read the Green With Unusual Putts

Some kinds of putts require alterations to your standard routine. They’re not more difficult to read, you just have to read them differently.

Is Mental Coaching in Golf Really Just For the Elite Player?

Is your golf game stuck at the same level season after season? Have you considered the possibility that your mind and body both need to be coached, at the same time, is mental coaching something you need to consider?

Do You Have Enough Value Attached to Your Golf Game?

Why do you really play golf? The reasons underpinning your needs may be deeper than you first imagined. Checking your internal values may be one of the best strategies you will ever apply.

Ever Considered Purchasing GPS For Golf?

These kinds of small devices are fantastic tutors within the realm of maximizing your shot range, and also calculating your game play development, although very few golfers seem to recognize this. I was recently in a golf resort chatting with a few golfer friends, and they all looked really surprised when I showed them my GPS for golf device.

How to Make Your Best Golf Swing More Often

In your effort to play better, you might be trying this swing change and that. There’s no need. You probably have a serviceable swing right now. The key to playing better is not to change that swing, but in learning to make it more often.

Golf Divots Irons & Alignment – Taking Some Dirt

Just can’t take a divot? Aren’t hitting enough greens? You can hit the ball cleanly off the hard pan but couldn’t take any dirt if you had to. Read a full proof training technique that will have you scooping out huge clumps of dirt – just like the pros. Better ball flight, more greens in regulation. You CAN do it.

How to Prevent Common Golf Injuries – Things to Be Aware Of

Imagine teeing off on the first hole and just as you strike the ball and follow through you feel a sharp pain. I’ve had it happen to me and it puts a real downer on the rest of the game I can tell you. Don’t make the same mistakes I made. Do yourself a favour and learn how to prevent common golf injuries.

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