Izzo Tru-Spin Soft Flight Practice Golf Balls 12 Count, Two-Toned Foam Golf Practice Ball

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The Izzo Tru-Spin Soft Flight Practice Golf Balls are safe to use inside or out, and enhance spin visibility during your short game practice sessions. Will provide instant, visible feedback on your spin velocity and direction to help you improve your shot making and control around the greens. Soft-flight, foam construction provide real golf ball flight and action but at limited, reduced distances.
Spin You Can See: Provides instant feedback on spin action to optimize your short game control
Multi-Color: 2-toned, hemisphere coloring enhances spin visibility
Tru-Flight: Dimpled surface pattern designed to simulate the flight of a real golf ball; Gauge spin velocity and direction with each shot
Safe to Use: Foam, soft flight construction won’t harm people or things; safe for use indoors or out
List Price: $12.89

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