Izzo Golf Pickle Golf Chipping Golf Game, Training Aid

51o+hGfHMFL. AC41BeJsXqRGL. AC41uuEyU4 BL. AC51Kue2ywWuL. AC41jQtWpM2ZL. AC51wIB4XPkIL. AC51rN5e eV8L. AC, buynow3, New to golf or need some practice? The IZZO Golf Pickle Golf Chipping Game makes practicing your chipping fun and exciting! Similar to the game with the cans and frisbee, Pickle Golf is played with 2 round “cans” where you chip pickle golf balls at the cans to earn points. Aim small, miss small. Score extra points by landing the pickle balls in the can or make your own rules. The IZZO Pickle Golf Chipping Game is perfect for any backyard gathering, tailgate paryt or outdoor setting. This golf chipping game comes with [6] plastic pickle balls, [1] chipping mat and [2] cans. The plastic pickle golf balls are designed to simulate real chipping ball flight, helping you enhance your game. The game is easily transportable as the cans come apart and are easily rolled up. Start having fun practicing your short game with The IZZO Pickle Golf Chipping Game!
Perfect game to hone your golf chipping skills and have fun
Oversized plastic pickle golf balls are designed to simulate chipping ball flight
Chipping mat is designed to simulate hitting a golf ball from the light rough
Comes with [2] Pickle Golf Cans, [1] chipping mat, [6] Pickle Balls (3 blue, 3 red)
Cans easily come apart to be easily rolled up and stored without taking up too much space, $49.99, $49.99 - $36.16


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