Izzo Golf Padded Golf Travel Bag

, , Grab, go, golf! The Izzo Golf Padded Travel Cover is just what you’ve been searching for to get the perfect travel companion without the stress of leaving clubs behind, or worrying about scratching. It’s ready for the action and can easily support your basic transportation needs without all the wear and tear other travel covers can easily get! The padded soft case protects your clubs in transit, so never worry about unwanted marks or dirt again! Plus, the lightweight Izzo Golf Padded Travel Cover comes with a durable vinyl base that adds extra protection without all the unwanted extra weight. It’s only two pounds you’ll have to carry to get to your desired destination. Worried about shoulder soreness? Our Golf Padded Travel Cover has additional pad protection on the straps to provide you with some bonus comfort while you’re lugging your clubs around the course. Our straps are made perfect for carrying. It expands to 50” and collapses to 7.5” so it’s easy and convenient to store when you’re done using it for the golf season! The Padded Golf Travel Cover is the perfect size for an entire set of golf clubs, so never regret leaving some clubs at home while you’re on the course again.
Golf Carry Bag: Our padded soft golf carry bag protects your golf clubs while in transit
Expandable: Our golf travel bag expands to 51” x 14” x 12” and collapses to 14″ x 12” x 7.5” for efficient transportation and storage
Lightweight: At only 2 lbs, our golf impact bag is designed to say under the flying checked bag weight limit
Durable: Our travel golf bag is equipped with a durable vinyl base for added protection
Comfortable: A padded golf bag carry strap makes our golf club bag comfortable to carry, $49.99, $49.99 - $35.78

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