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How To Get the Best Results From Golf Practice

Like any sport of skill, to get the results you really want in your golf game, you have to spend a lot of time on the practice range. Hours of time spent just pounding golf balls may improve your physical stamina and swing but to get the best results from your practice, you also need to engage your mind and imagination.

Golf Putting Setup – Master the 5 Key Fundamentals!

If you are looking to master your putting performance then you will first need to get the basics right and perfect your putting setup. Find out what the 5 key fundamental elements are to the golf putting setup.

Great Tips on Buying a Putter for Sale

The putter is said to be the most important club in the golfer’s bag. So it is imperative that you get the putter for you. So if you are in the market for a putter take a look at some tips on buying a new putter.

How to Get More Distance in Golf

Discover the simple techniques to get increased distance on your golf shots. Learn the easy way to maximize the power and hit straighter shots by focusing on proven tips that will mean that 90% of golfers will not even be able to compete with you.

Playing Better Golf – Improve Your Approach Shot

Discover the proven techniques to hit straighter approach shots and reduce your golf score by focusing on simple tips that will dramatically improve your round. Learn how to easily reach the green and elegantly avoid hazards such as bunkers, water and the rough.

Things to Remember When Buying Golf Clubs

When you want to buy golf clubs you will find that there are some things that need to be kept in mind. The first thing that should be considered when a person wants to buy golf clubs is the fact that they are bought according to several preferences. With this in mind, one will need to know their preference before they even think of buying golf equipment.

Rules and Regulations of Golf

Rules are a standard of regulations that must be followed in order for any game to procede. Rules and regulations should be followed to the latter. Golf rules are mainly written by United States Association the governing body which rules golf is mainly based in the United States and Mexico to be precise.

Popular Golf Competitions

Golf is a club and a ball which competing players use one or different types of clubs to hit the ball into a hole. Golf is a game that does not require standardized area of playing. The game is usually played on golf courses and each and every course has its own design.

Simple Golf Putting Drill to Develop a Good Putting Stroke!

The best way to improve your putting stroke is through practicing those short putts. Learn a simple but effective golf putting drill that will teach you not only how to develop a good putting stroke but also to putt under pressure.

Best Golf Putting Drill To Develop Your Lag Putting!

One of the best ways to reduce the number of 3 putts you are making is to develop your lag putting abilities. Use this golf putting drill to help master the art of lag putting.

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