Infinite Discs Power Pocket XXL Rainfly to Protect Accessories on Disc Golf Cart

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Product Description

Power Pocket BannerPower Pocket Banner

A Power Pocket in Every Size

Power Pocket MiniPower Pocket Mini

The Power PocketThe Power Pocket

Power Pocket XXLPower Pocket XXL

The Power Pocket Mini

The smaller, Power Pocket Mini can carry up to 5 discs, plus carries other accessories like your mini marker, rangefinder, etc. It also features grommets to attach towels, bag tags, chalk bags or other accessories. If you don’t need as many quick-access discs, this is a great, lightweight option. It easily attaches to most disc golf carts.

The Power Pocket (Standard)

The original Power Pocket can hold up to 8 discs plus your phone, keys, scorecard, mini marker, and other accessories. It has grommets to attach a towel, bag tags, or other items. This was the original, easy-access disc holder for carts that everybody now tries to copy. It stands above the rest in quality and popularity. It easily attaches to most disc golf carts.

The Power Pocket XXL

The largest Power Pocket available– able to carry up to 15 discs plus your phone, rangefinder, scorecard, mini marker, and other accessories. It has grommets to attach a towel, bag tags, or other items. If you can never get enough storage space even with your cart, this is the ultimate Power Pocket! It easily attaches to most disc golf carts.

Power Pocket Rainfly and Shoulder Strap

Power Pocket RainflyPower Pocket Rainfly

Power Pocket XXL RainflyPower Pocket XXL Rainfly

Power Pocket Shoulder StrapPower Pocket Shoulder Strap

Power Pocket Rainfly

This waterproof rainfly is designed to cover the regular sized Power Pocket Pouch when the weather threatens to get everything wet during your round. When secured over the Power Pocket, you can still open one of two access flaps to grab your discs and accessories. Keep your discs dry during rainy weather. NOTE: This will not fit the Power Pocket XXL or the Power Pocket Mini.

Power Pocket XXL Rainfly

This waterproof rainfly is designed to cover the Power Pocket XXL (large sized Power Pocket Pouch) when the weather threatens to get everything wet during your disc golf round. When put over the power pocket, you can open the access flap to grab your discs and accessories. Keep your game going and your discs dry during the bad weather. NOTE: This will no fit the regular or Power Pocket Mini.

Power Pocket Shoulder Strap

The Power Pocket Shoulder Strap can be used to convert your Power Pocket Pouch into a backpack bag for rounds with just a few discs. You can also keep it on the Power Pocket while it’s on the cart for those times when you want to park your cart for a few holes. The Shoulder Strap is adjustable and works with all Power Pocket sizes. NOTE: This is only the conversion shoulder strap (no bag or pouch included).

Attach to CartsAttach to Carts

Power Pockets Easily Attach to Your Disc Golf Cart

The Infinite Discs Power Pockets are designed to fit most disc golf cats. They feature an adjustable strap to control the height and balance. The back of the bag straps around a vertical telescoping cart handle, making the disc storage pouch easy to attach and remove. The ease of use and convenience has made the Power Pocket one of the hottest Disc Golf Cart accessories on the market.

Power Pouch Bottom ViewPower Pouch Bottom View

Hold All of Your Favorite Discs

The large capacity of the Power Pocket XXL will allow you to carry many extra go-to discs and backup discs during your round. Or you can select the Power Pocket size that best suits your needs. No matter what the size, you’ll get the highest quality cart pocket available.

Power Pouch XXL Side ViewPower Pouch XXL Side View

The Most Extra Features Available

The difference between the Power Pocket and the many recent copies can be found in the details. These are the original designs that have included the most important features, like many different pockets, grommets, and extra storage spaces for disc golf and personal accessories. Plus they have been reinforced and strengthened for a longer life.

Power Pocket Mini Top ViewPower Pocket Mini Top View

Easy Access to Frequently Used Putters

One of the most popular utilities of the Power Pocket is the quick-access to your putters. Many players like to use at least a small pouch, like the Power Pocket Mini, to make their putters easily accessible because they are used so frequently during the course of a round. Who wants to keep bending over to retrieve a putter from inside the cart?

Power Pocket (Original)Power Pocket (Original)

Designed by Disc Golfers for Disc Golfers

A variety of designs, reinforcements, and ongoing product development makes the Power Pocket one of the most popular disc golf cart accessories that you can find. It was designed from concept to finished product by disc golfers, for disc golfers. Don’t settle for the cheap copies and clones when you can have the best.

Brought to you by Infinite Discs

infinite discs warehouse, infinite disc baginfinite discs warehouse, infinite disc bag

The Infinite Discs Warehouse

Infinite Discs was founded in 2012 with an emphasis on providing the best disc golf experience. While our local shop and headquarters are located in Logan, Utah, we ship discs to all 50 states and many countries throughout the world. We’re proud to offer an incredible selection of disc golf inventory, an online disc golf course directory, wholesale support for pro shops and vendors, and opportunities to raise funds by hosting Infinite Tournaments. Our regularly updated blog provides interesting articles, tips, and useful information regarding new releases and disc golf trends. Follow Infinite Discs on popular social media channels.

Waterproof Material
Covers the Power Pocket XXL (large size)
Keeps Discs and Accessories Dry
Has an Access Flap to Retrieve Discs
List Price: $14.99

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