Hummingbird H7 Wedge Review – Built in Flop/Bunker Loft?

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2 of the most difficult shots in golf are the flop shot or lob shot and bunker shots. The 2 biggest reasons are that you have to adjust your setup and swing to hit them, and most amateur golfers rarely practice them. The Hummingbird H7 wedge is designed to simplify these two golf shots for the average weekend warrior, using a more traditional straight back and through golf swing.

How can you hit high soft shots without rotating the club face open and swinging across the ball? The Hummingbird H7 Wedge has 70 degrees of loft built into the face, so golfers can get more trajectory while keeping the club face square, even when hitting a golf bunker shot. So we decided to put the claims to the test and see if this was a gimmick or one of the best golf wedges you might not know yet. You may have even seen Rick Shiels do a review on this wedge.

What is the highest loft you have on your golf wedges? Let us know in the comments!

For the article review, check it out here:

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