How to Stop Topping the Golf Ball – Golf Swing Tips

If you are ready to stop topping the golf ball, these 3 simple golf swing tips will help you deliver more solid contact and start hitting better golf shots.

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If you are tired of topping and thinning golf shots, want to learn how to stop skulling the golf ball or just need a refresher on proper golf setup and ball position, this video is for you.

Usually a topped golf shot is the result of just hitting behind the golf ball, where your golf swing bottoms out before the ball and you hit the ball as the golf club starts traveling back up the swing arc. So if you can’t get the golf ball in the air, you may be making one or more of these swing mistakes:

– ball position too far forward: easily the simplest thing to fix. If you have the golf ball too far forward in stance, you are going to be hitting the top of the golf ball more than you would like

– pressure/weight on trail foot at impact: if your weight stays back as you make your golf downswing, you probably tend to bottom out your golf swing before impact. If you are topping the golf ball, be more aware of your pressure on the feet at the moment of impact

– upper body crowds ball at impact: if you are being told to hit down on the golf ball (which you want to do for golf iron shots), you may tend to move your upper body down as you come into contact with the ball. As a byproduct, golfers tend to chicken wing and bend their elbows as they make their downswing to avoid sticking the club into the ground, and they end up topping the golf ball, or whiffing it altogether

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