How to Stop Slicing the Golf Ball

There is a lot of information about why people slice the golf ball, and this video discusses some truths and misconceptions on why you can’t stop slicing the golf ball.


Misconceptions about types of clubs, golf balls, and grip strength can lead many amateur golfers to start chasing their tails when it comes to fixing their golf slice. Instead, use the two drills listed below to help you turn your nasty slice into a nice, high draw.

Stop slicing your irons – it is easier to draw the golf ball hitting down on the golf ball, which is why many golfers struggle with a driver slice but not with their golf irons. The counter aim drill allows you to work on your slice with your irons, by promoting a club path that works more inside out.

Stop slicing your driver – hitting up on the ball makes it harder to hit a draw, so using the TV Drill to work on a nice high handle finish to rotate the club face through impact can help you fix your driver slice.

Use these two golf swing drills to become a better golfer in no time!

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