How to Stop Hitting Chunk Shots With Irons

If you are tired of hitting chunk shots with your golf swing, you could be making one of these 3 common mistakes.

So, what are the 3 reasons you continue to hit golf chunk shots?

1. Golf Ball Position – many amateur golfers tend to hit a chunked shot simply because the ball is too forward in their stance. Instead, try to position your ball fairly centered in your stance

2. Weight/Pressure Shift – another common area that causes chunk shots is shifting the weight or pressure back in the stance in the back swing, causing the low point to move back in the golf stance. Where the club strikes the ground tends to match where the weight and balance is on your feet. So if you sway back in your takeaway, your low point tends to follow.

3. Club Shaft Angle/Hand Positioning – the final area to give golfers problems with contact is how the hands are positioned. If your hands are too far forward, the club tends to dig more at impact, causing your club to grab and take turf when you strike the ball. Keeping the hands more neutral, or even just a slight forward shaft lean, will help keep you from digging your irons into the ground and chunking your golf shot.

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