How to Stop Coming Over the Top with the Vertical Line Swing

Learn how to stop coming over the top in the golf swing with the Vertical Line Swing.

In this golf lesson from Todd Kolb, we discuss a golden over the top golf swing fix that centers around one easy golf swing concept: proper golf swing rotation.

Are your buddies constantly telling you that you keep coming over the top?

Yeah… you and about a million other golfers.

But “comfort in numbers” doesn’t really apply in this situation, does it?

If you’re making this fatal error a lot, you’re slicing a lot.

And nothing takes the joy out of the game like the dread of another slice.

Fortunately, there’s an easy over the top golf swing fix.

This is the magic move I teach in my Vertical Line Swing system, and you can have it mastered by this time tomorrow.

Check out this new video lesson, and you might find the early extension fix you need as well!

Is coming over the top a new problem for you?

Maybe you’ve had a solid golf swing for years, but lately, you just don’t seem to have the control you once had.

You’re not losing your grip on the game.

You’re just losing mobility.

It happens to all of us as we get older. Our range of motion gets smaller, we become less flexible, and we even lose our balance.

Suddenly, all those great golf tips that used to help your game aren’t helping anymore.

That’s why I created the Vertical Line Golf Swing system.

It’s a swing technique designed to work with the strengths and abilities of older golfers.

It’s easy, it’s repeatable, and it’s already helping thousands of older golfers play the best golf of their lives.

Discover a body-friendly golf swing made just for you with the Todd Kolb Vertical Line Swing:

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