How to Shape Golf Shots (Draw vs Fade – Golf Swing Basics)

Golf Courses of the World Offer Variety and Beauty

Some of the best golf courses of the world may be ones that you already know about and others may be well kept secrets that are a surprise and delight to discover as well as to travel to for playing some of the best golf games the world has to offer. Many of these courses are not for the faint of heart or the young player who is just getting on the greens for the first time but others are welcoming and even inviting to all skill levels and offer a host of features and amenities in addition to golfing…

Golf Information About Unconscious Competence – Very Low Amateurs and Pros

When a top player hits a shot, at that moment, he is trying to show the world physically, what he has internally experienced moments ago. This is the end of your journey for learning golf. All aspiring to compete at the topmost level, must reach this destination. I had mentioned the Principle of learning skills at the very onset that will help you in developing any skill you want.

The Risk of the Game

The fact that there are risks involved with sports is no secret; it seems that each and every different sport comes with its own range of sports related injuries and accidents. Whether you are at risk for something simple and easily treatable such as a strained muscle, or you are a daredevil dirt bike rider and expose yourself to serious injury on a daily basis, the wide world of sports creates a dangerous playground for many of us.

Improving Your Golf Skills

Many new golfers often remark that certain techniques look far easier when done on television or by the professionals than they actually are in theory but this is often because they simply have not had the opportunity to learn about how to build up their golfing skills. Improving your golf skills does not have to be a headache, but it does require an honest look at your playing ability to determine your strengths or weaknesses. Avoid comparing yourself to the professionals on television who have been playing for many years and been provided with the opportunity to learn and play with some of the best players in the world.

First Time Golf Players Need To Learn The Basics

Your friends or coworkers might be tormenting you to take the time and learn how to play golf or maybe it’s just something you’ve always wanted to learn. No matter what the reason is, before you rush off to your local pro golf store and buy the fanciest looking clubs, you should slow down and take the time to understand the basics.

Great Golf Drill To Help Cure Your Slice!

Having seen a lot of golf slicers over the years, there is one obvious swing fault that crops up time and time again. Find out if this excellent golf drill will help you to overcome your golf slicing issues.

Golf Slicing Tip – Check Your Pre Shot Fundamentals First!

If you have been suffering with a golf slice for a long time, then you have probably been given lots of advice and tips and tested many different methods to try and get rid of it and the likelihood you have probably just made your golf slice worse. A good start would be to make sure you have checked your pre shot fundamentals are correct.

5 Things That Make Golf Day Fun!

Popularly known as gentleman’s sport, Golf is not all about vast green landscapes with men trying to aim at one hole. Golf Day can be as much fun as any of the corporate wild parties and get together.

How Golf Putting Tips Can Improve Your Putting

There are some great golf putting tips out there, the secret is to act on them and put them into practice. This will help you to determine whether that putting tip will help you to improve you own putting performance.

Golf Putting Instruction – Start Sinking More Putts!

Golf putting will generally make up about 40 – 50% of your overall score. So improving your putting performance with the right golf putting instruction is a crucial part of becoming a better golfer and lowering your handicap and scores.

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