How to Release the Golf Club Correctly (Golf Release Drill)

Ping Driver – The K15 Will Give You A Killer Drive!

Out drive all your friends with the K15 Ping driver. This stylish clubs larger profile head makes it even easier to strike the ball in the sweet zone every time, and with Ping’s newest innovation “Straight Flight Technology,” new weight distributing in the head squares the face for consistent, razor like tee shots. Get your new Ping driver today and chuckle at your friends awe and amazement as you out drive them every time.

Augusta Golf Course, One of the Worlds Most Beautiful Golf Courses

I will never forget my first time at The Masters golf course in Augusta, Georgia. With several buddies, I walked through the bushes at the back entrance of number 5 and there before us was the most pristine golf course I have ever looked upon. What a thrill it was.

Golf Travel Bags – What You Must Know Before Buying Them

Golf bags come in a wide range of prices and styles – custom design bags to those that come from small-town discount stores or a rummage sale on the corner. However, golf travel bags are not nearly as flexible, with quality and reliable bags necessary for traveling professional golfers who need them to complete their circuits. To purchase the best bag requires

Are You a Putting Head Case?

An introduction to the importance of sound fundamentals, even in putting. Disputes the concept that anything goes regarding putting style. Consistent, high quality performance is the result of being fundamentally sound… even in putting!

Pointers to Help Cure Golf Slice Problems

One of the most common problems that amateur golfers run into is the dreaded slice shot, where the ball begins left of the target line and swings dramatically to the right of the target line while in flight (for a right handed player, the opposite is true for left handed ones). In fact, few topics have received as much attention in golf and there are entire books dedicated specifically to the question of how to cure golf slice shots and eliminate them. Despite the wealth of material available on the topic, many people still have an incredibly difficult time getting past it, so the following are some general pointers to help.

The Big Challenge How to Break 80

One of the most popular and fascinating games today is golf and my article is based on this game. If you have ever played golf then am sure you’ll understand what I will be talking about further. Am sure everybody out there who is reading this may not have played golf but they eagerly want to play!

Improve Your Handicap With the Gary Edwin Golf Swing

Have you been trying for months to improve your handicap, perhaps years? Did you attempt to change your stance, secure a better club, or readjust the way that you make your swings? If you have done all these and have ended up frustrated due to the failed outcomes, then you might be surprised to find out that by learning the Gary Edwin golf swing, you can actually improve your handicap and be at the top of your game.

Fixing a Hook

It’s easy to overcome a hook shot problem; you first need to identify the cause. Hook arises when your ball is wildly thrown to the left. Here are some following tips that can help you figure out your hook causes.

A Brief Guide On Personal Putting Green Construction

This write-up discusses how to and what is required in the construction of your own putting green. It takes you from the design stage and right up to the laying of the putting green’s surface.

Can You Survive With a Golf Hook?

Hookers vs Slicers? Well, neither golf shot is ideal, but you can survive open golf courses with either type swing. A hook will actually travel farther than a slice and you can learn to live with it – but I wouldn’t.

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