How to Putt More Consistently With Proper Ball Position (PUTTING LESSON)

5 Factors That Influence Club Head Speed

There are several factors that influence your golf driving distance, like centeredness of contact and angle of approach and without getting these elements right your distance off of the tee will suffer. However, the most important factor that will influence your golf driving distance is your club head speed!

How To Choose A Golf Putter

Choosing a golf putter can be a nightmare! There are so many options to pick from, with different, styles, shapes, models and designs. Find out what the most important factors are when choosing your golf putting.

You Can Experience Success in Golf Before You Even Tee Off!

You arrive at the club and pull out your clubs. Now I want you to dump all of your golfing expectations and ego into the space that occupied your clubs and close the lid.

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Quick & Easy Tip To Fix A Slice With A Driver

Are you tired of reading about complicated ways to fix a slice in your golf swing? If so there is really one simple thing you must do to correct this swing fault. Learn how to quickly and easily fix a slice with a driver and start hitting the ball straight, long and more accurate!

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Buying The Best Set of Golf Clubs

So, after determining that golf is the sport for you, a realization that you need tools and equipment to play the game. It’s time to purchase and you want to know specifics in buying the best set golf clubs.

Golf Is a Game of Opposites

Do you ever wonder where golf gets it reputation of being a stupid game? Well you will hear it all right here. Can you figure out why it’s such a mental game? You want to do something and your brain says “no” you are doing it wrong. That’s because golf is a game of opposites.

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Golf Putting Tips – Much Needed Putting Tips

There are various views on what is important to focus on when it comes to improving your putting. You might believe in using the right putter, a particular putting method or even a specific way of lining up your ball for the putt. Here are 3 much needed putting tips that I feel are the most important to focus on in order to become a better putter. Make a conscious effort to incorporate them in your next golf game and feel the difference in the way you approach your putts. Instead of worrying about whether the ball will stop near the hole, you are focused on doing the right things that can help you sink the putt.

Golf’s Over The Top Move

One of the most dreaded moves in the swing is golfs’ over the top move. This move is what 80% of the players do to cut across the ball. We are going to discuss the cause and the cure to make your golfing experiences more enjoyable.

Value Of Indoor Golf Putting Mats

Golf putting makes up between 40-50% of your overall game, so it is a vital area to master. Find out how a quality indoor golf putting mat can make all the difference to your putting performance and help you to reduce your handicap and scores!

Golf Pitching and Chipping Shot – Know How to Execute Properly

Over 60% of your golf score can be attributed to the short game and the degree that you can successfully execute the golf pitching shot and golf chipping shot is critical to improving your score. To help you get the most out of your short game on or off the course, here are some critical shot tips to become a short game master.


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