How to Putt Like a Pro: Easy Tips to Make More Putts

Learn how to putt in golf with this simple golf putting lesson from Todd Kolb. to use ball positioning while putting on the green. Todd Kolb will show you how to use a Rimer ball position trainer in order to know ball position on the green.

Todd will show you how to hit putts at short, medium and long distances to help save you a few strokes on the green.

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Still chasing your ball around the putting green?

The problem might not be in your golf putting stroke.

It might be in your strategy.

Short, mid-length, and long putts all require different approaches with different objectives.

Once you know what those objectives are, you’ll start sinking more putts, shaving strokes off your score, and discovering unshakeable confidence on the green.

Best of all, these strategies take a lot of the guesswork out of putting.

Simplify your putting technique by learning proper putter ball position, understanding the objective, and you will learn how to putt better in golf in no time!

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