How to Practice While Playing on the Golf Course ????????‍♀️

Golf Fitness – What Exactly Are the Golf Muscles?

You may be surprised to learn that fitness is an important part to playing better golf. It might not be as physically demanding as a sport like football or basketball, but fitness still comes into play.

Golf Carts – Details About Golf Carts

A Push/Pull cart has two or three wheels and a vertical support for holding a golf bag. Electric carts which contain sluggish are safer to drive. Your playing course may have many hills and may has no cart paths then electric carts may bother you. Because these type of cars are not suitable for long or tough courses. More powerful and faster than electric carts are gas carts. It may be dangerous also. Because of high speed it may occurs an accident at tough courses.

How to Break 100 – Advice For the Golf Beginner

To break 70 on a par 72 course Tiger needs 3 birdies and 15 pars. He plans his rounds thinking about which holes he can birdie. Do you plan your rounds thinking about what score on each hole is reasonable and achievable for you?

The Secret to Success – Golf For Beginners

Are you new at golf? For beginners golf can be very frustrating, but with these simple tips your score will drop faster than you thought possible.

Straighten Up Your Golf Gear With a Golf Bag Organizer

Get your golf gear organized with a golf bag organizer. These golf racks help consolidate all your equipment in one place.

Golf Swing Improvement – 4 Steps to Improving Your Drive

Many aspiring golfers will struggle to achieve the straight line drive down the middle. In doing so they will hook some, slice others. However, the most important thing is often times over looked, the fact that consistency is king.

Playing With the Right Callaway Golf Shoes

Whether it’s about style or about better performance, there is always some kind of argument going on about which shoes are better for playing golf. There are dozens of manufacturers out there that it’s kind of hard to determine which of their shoes would be perfect for you. That’s really no surprise too because each of them would claim supremacy over the others.

Golf Ball Dimples – The What and the Why?

Why do golf balls have dimples? A golf ball with dimples can travel up to three times as far as the same ball without dimples. How did the idea of dimples come about? The effect of dimples on golf ball trajectory and distance was discovered accidentally in the 1800’s.

Golf – A Mental Game

Whatever you want it call it, it is a very important part of this game that not many players realize. I am a firm believer in positive thinking not only on the course but in real life. I won’t start talking about the Laws of Attraction but I will talk about how positive thinking helps us make better swings on the course which will result in lower scores!

Living Large on the Golf Course With Datrek Golf Bags

There is an ongoing debate about which golf bags are considered to be the best all over the world. Since there are a lot of manufacturers, it can be quite difficult to determine which among them is head and shoulders above everybody else. If you ask me, I wouldn’t know the answer as well.

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