How to Increase Swing Speed – Golf Drills

If you want to increase swing speed, you wouldn’t slow your golf swing down. Instead, you need to find better golf rhythm and tempo to help you maximize your club head speed.

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So how do you increase golf swing speed and distance? Here are a few golf tips to help you increase club head speed and some golf drills to help you understand how to add more distance.

First off is weight distribution in your golf setup. Conventional teaching would instruct you to have a 50/50 weight distribution on your lead foot and trail foot. Instead, we recommend a 60/40 split favoring your lead foot, which allows you to unweight in the golf takeaway. This can build momentum and help with rhythm and tempo.

Second, the golf finish position should be balanced, with your hips pointing towards the target and your knees touching, with your weight on the lead foot. This allows you to transfer energy from the trail foot on the backswing into the lead foot on the finish. So if someone tells you to slow your swing down, it’s more likely that your golf swing sequence is off.

Finally, when you take your golf setup, elevate the club slightly off the ground. This forces you to bear the weight of the golf club, which can also help you get more distance by increasing rhythm and tempo.

To tie this all together at the golf course, use the left/right, left right drill. Start by having the club slightly in front of you before you start your swing, then swing back and forth while feeling your foot pressure shift with the club in your swing, helping you increase tempo, balance and club head speed, which will give you more distance on the golf course!

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