How to Increase Golf Swing Speed – GOLF SWING TEMPO

Slicing Tip – Are You Releasing The Golf Club Correctly?

If you are not releasing the golf club correctly through the moment impact area, then you are more than likely going to be hitting the golf ball with an open face and therefore slicing it. Follow this simple drill that will show you how to release the golf club correctly.

Learning the Correct Golf Swing – Tips You Can Find Useful

Learning the correct golf swing is one of the important things that you have to focus in playing golf, as errors often abound on how one swings the club to hit the ball. If you are learning how to play the game of golf, or even if you are still having the interest to learn golf, it is important to keep in mind to learn the correct swing even from the start so you won’t develop bad swing habits later.

Golf Workout Plan – Building Your Body Into a Mean Golfing Machine

It’s not enough or effective when you just start exercising without any direction, plan or goal. You will not only be exposing yourself to injuries but you will also hinder yourself from performing the proper golf swing when you play on the course. You should first and foremost have a schedule; a direction and a desired effect. It’s advisable to have a progress chart to help you check if you’re achieving the desired results.

The Myth of the Pendulum Stroke

Some contend there are only two styles of putting…straight back, straight through (rocking the shoulders/pendulum style) or the open to square to closed (rotational) style. I submit, there is a better way. Stroke path does not really matter. Putter face alignment is critical. Focus your mind and practice on how to strike the ball squarely.

How To Use A Long Putter

One of the most common faults amongst poor putters is having too much wrist action in their putting stroke. The long putter can help you to minimize this issue and help you to become a more consistent putter.

Golf Putting Drill – Keeping Your Wrist Action Quiet

Keeping your wrist action quiet during your putting stroke is one of the key fundamental elements to good putting. Follow this simple golf putting drill to help you train your arms, wrists and hands to work as one unit.

Golf Gym Exercises to Build a Powerful Golf Performance

The first step to having a good attitude and discipline when it comes to going to the gym is fixing a schedule which you will follow no matter what. You are advised to go at least 4 times a week so that you will be able to track your progress as a golfer. Plus, you have to be aware of what you are able to do and what you might want to shy away from to avoid injuries or discomfort. Remember to always stretch your muscles before starting any of the gym routines.

The Benefits Of Golf Putting Training Aids

Many golfers are now beginning to see the real benefits that an effective golf putting training aid can offer. A good quality putting training aid can help you to really focus on a specific area of your putting performance that you want to sharpen up and they will give you immediate feedback as well.

Some Beginners Tips on Playing Golf

Golf can be a difficult sport to master; you may think that’s why the pros make so much money in the tournaments. Although you don’t have to be a pro to enjoy golf there are some beginner tips on how to improve your game and become a worthy opponent for friends and other competitors in competitions and tournaments.

Benefits of Playing Golf With Friends

Playing Golf can be a great way to spend your day off or even to wind down from a long work week, but when playing with a friend it makes the experience so much better and gives yourself some competition on the course which will improve your skills or even show off your golf skills to others. Playing golf doesn’t have to be a solo sport and in most cases you will end up making plans to golf with a colleague, friend or even a potential business partner. People not only play golf with a friend as a social…

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