How to Improve Your Golf Swing


The Short Game: Should You Use One Club Or Several?

If your ball lies in the fairway, 145 yards from the green, there is one club you would use, maybe two, depending on conditions. If your ball lies five yards from the green, depending on where it is, there might be five different clubs you could use to hit the shot. Or, you could stick to one, no matter what. Which short game strategy should you follow?

What An Artificial Putting Green Can Do For Your Golf Game

Any golfer will tell you that perfecting the putt makes a whole lot of difference in their golf game. However, not every golfer can make it to the practice green on a regular basis, which makes installing an artificial putting green a smart choice. These home putting greens can either be installed indoors or outdoors, and allow golfers to practice their putts anytime of the day.

How Sports Science Works for Your Game

A good general understanding of the basic sport sciences… bio-mechanics, kinesiology, motor learning and sports psychology can help you develop your game without the typical setbacks most golfers experience. There’s a lot more your pro should know than how to hit the ball. Take a look at things your pro ought to know to be an effective teacher.

Golf: Wrist Injuries and How to Keep Them at Bay

Golf is considered to be a refined sport meant for the elite. This is because the chances of injury are low when compared to other sports. Despite the perceived safety of the game, golfers do injure themselves, injuries pertaining to the soft tissues, cartilages, bones, nerves, and vascular structures. Although golf injury is rare, the wrist is easily prone to injury than any other anatomic locations. The game involves the hand and wrist movement quite extensively. The wrist is rotated and cocked back while swinging the club causes the rolling over of the wrists.

What Club Are You?

Clubs, anyone? Not the club you belong to get that free movie ticket, nor is this about that foot your patient is trying to show you. Definitely, this is not about that club you frequent to unwind.

The Perfect Golf Posture And Setup – Steps You Can Master

Are you aware that your golf swing works in progression? All its features are like rungs leading up a ladder. You probably do not comprehend it, but your posture and the manner in which you set up to the ball are part of that cycle. If you have poor posture or a flawed setup, you have little wish of executing a proper swing. Consider the following guidance on getting the proper guidance on golf posture and setup.

Tips on How to Break 80

Are you still struggling to break 80? Try excellent tips, and shoot in the 70’s!

Helpful Golf Tips for Beginners

Every beginner is always looking for great free tips to improve their golf game. Here are 10 great tips to improve your game!

Golf Shot Cures – How to Cure a Slice

Golf is a lot like life. As with many things in life, curing a slice is a process. It’s a matter of finding the things you’re doing wrong and correcting them. This article reviews some of the causes of slicing the ball and what to do instead. By working through the possible culprits, you’ll find the solution and cure your slice.

Perfecting Your Game Through Mental Golf

The mind has great control over the body and can influence the way the way that it does things. Aspects such as the subconscious, visualization and analysis are all controlled by the brain. If you can picture yourself making correct strokes and getting the ball in the hole; if you can train yourself to mentally eliminate the wrong moves then you can make your body apply this when you play golf. In the same way, if you keep thinking about what you did wrong you may be causing yourself to keep repeating your mistakes. In short, your mind controls your movements whether you are aware of it or not.

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