How to Hit Long Greenside Bunker Shots

Golf video lesson on how to hit long greenside bunker shots. We will discuss golf bunker shot technique and how bunker shots vary depending on distance.

I’m PGA Teaching Professional Todd Kolb with another segment of On the Lesson Tee. One of the most fearful shots for a lot of golfers—including my own students—is a long greenside bunker shot.

It’s just simply not a shot we practice a lot of, or you might not get on every round. But it is a shot that—quite honestly—if we can at least get it out and get it on the green, we can maybe save a good round and move on to the next hole.

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Now, one of the key things here—and a very simple thing—that I want you to do is to think about club selection. When you’re in a greenside bunker, your initial reaction is to grab your most lofted club; maybe like a 58 or 60 degree lofted club.

And that’s okay, if it’s just a short greenside bunker shot. But in this particular one here, we need to carry the ball 15 to 20 yards. So the simple recommendation that I make to a lot of my students is to grab a wedge, but grab like a gap wedge. So I’ve got my 54, and if I make the same swing—but with my 54—the ball’s going to come out lower and it’s going to carry a little bit further.

The other suggestion I’m going to make is to shallow out the golf swing a little bit, or the shot. So when I swing the club back and through, I want the club to travel a little bit lower, which will allow the ball to come out a little bit lower and then, therefore, roll more. So if you have a long greenside bunker shot, I don’t want you to be afraid of the shot.

You’ve got to get the right club in your hand; a gap wedge or like a 52 or 54 degree wedge. Shallow out your swing, make the same movement that you would on a splash shot or greenside bunker shot, and you’re going to find out that the ball comes out a little bit lower, carries a little bit farther, and hopefully it’s on the green and you make a putt to move on to the next hole.

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