How to Hit Irons Flush on Command (Golf Drills)

If you want to start flushing your golf irons, you need to understand some concepts that will help you with consistency first. Understanding proper ball position, foot pressure, and how to release your golf irons will go a long way towards hitting your irons pure and flushing them down the fairway!

A stellar golf iron swing results in one of the greatest feelings in the game of golf: that clean, clear crack sound, that purely struck iron shot, that finish right at the pin.

It’s what all golfers chase. We work on perfecting our swing, we analyze which irons are best for our game, and we watch our favorite players closely for clues on how to strike ball the way they do. But if you’ve done all this and you’re still hitting inconsistent, less-than-pure iron shots, the routine can get pretty frustrating pretty fast.

Hang in there. If you’re not still flushing your irons on a consistent basis, I can help.

I am going to share three tips for hitting pure iron shots. Each tip corrects a common iron mistake, and each tip builds on the one before. I’ll also share one of my favorite golf drills to help you put the most challenging tip into play. This swing plane drill is pretty advanced, but I wouldn’t share it if I didn’t know you could handle it.

So, here are the most effective changes you can make to your golf iron swing to finally flush your irons every single time.

Tip #1: Ball Position

This is the simplest tip to follow. It’s also advice that fixes one of the most common iron errors before you even start your golf backswing.

So many golfers struggle to get pure contact because their golf ball is in the wrong position within their stance. More often than not, they’ve got it too far forward. Now, that might be a great position for your driver shots, when the goal is to hit up on the ball. But when it comes to your irons, you want to catch the golf ball on a descending motion. In order to do that, you want the ball positioned in the center of your stance.

If you’re not sure whether you’ve got the ball centered or not, try taking your setup like this:

Stand with your feet together so the ball is clearly between them.
Step your lead foot out towards the target.
Step your trail foot the same distance away from the target.
Now you’re good to go.

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