How to Hit Flush Iron Shots on Command

The Golf Psychology of Hitting a Great First Shot

Pros have an insider, pro golf psychology strategy for hitting a great first shot. You start by setting a goal to nail your very first shot. This puts pressure on your opponent right from the start.

Golf Swing Fundamentals – Hitting the Ball

From the type of grip that you choose, to the follow through on the backswing, the perfect golf swing requires a great deal of concentration and execution. Apprentice and professional golfers alike will tell you that mastering golf swing fundamentals are the keys to the ideal golf swing. While learning how to swing a golf club will take lots of practice, there is plenty of golf swing analysis software in the marketplace to help show you the correct way of hitting the ball. Are you learning how to play the game of golf, and need some useful tips on the best golf swing? Would you like to improve on the mechanics of your golf swing? Then help yourself to this step by step method on the correct way to drive the golf ball down the fairway like a pro.

Manassero Amazes the World of Golf

Matteo Manassero, the young Italian golf player, is on top after the first round of the European Masters which takes place in Crans Montana in Switzerland. This is only the sixth tournament for Manassero as a professional player, this being the first season for the Italian born in Verona.

Golf Numbers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa

Europe, the Middle East and Africa win about fifty billion euros from this very beloved sport which is golf. This sport has become an industry which brings about fifty billion euros in Africa, the Middle East and Europe, at least these are the numbers provided by KPMG Golf Advisory Practice. These numbers comes from the golf tourism, from the fess the players have to pay on a regular basis, from the competitions which are organized, from the equipment sold for this sport, but also from the residential projects which include the golf courts in these areas.

Golf – Why We Love It, Why We Hate It, And Why We Come Back For More?

Golf may be the only activity that one does that we enjoy, even though it is perhaps the most frustrating sport. To the casual onlooker, golf may appear to be a simple game. After all, the ball doesn’t move, we hit the first shot every hole off a tee, and if one hits the ball as he should, the results are there for the asking.

Golf Strengthening Exercises – Add More Power to Your Game

Golf strengthening exercises will always utilize and require weight training. It doesn’t mean you need to have all that different strengthening contraptions you see in the gym. In fact, it uses the very basic of all tools which are dumbbells. Unlike different weight training equipment, dumbbells actually allow you more flexibility and a full range of motions just like your golf swing.

See the Next Shot on the Course Before You Take It

How many times in your golfing life have you heard someone say, ‘Visualize the shot’? Yet many of us simply don’t know how to go about this task of visualizing. So what’s the process in visualizing? The first component, as with anything else in life, is practice. No one should expect to be able to attempt visualization for the first time and be able to do so accurately.

Places Where You Can Play Golf

Golf seems to be the only game in which your only enemy or opponent is the court you play on. This is a sport characterized by its elegant touch, by its nobility, by its lack of violent encounters, drawing a lot of attention, especially when it comes to the elderly, who enjoy a calmer, more strategic and professional game. According to some people, this sport is too boring and too sophisticated, but it still represents a major investment, which has a lot of results due to people’s incredible patience and perseverance.

Is Golf an Inaccessible Sport?

The money invested in golf over the last few years has increased significantly and so has the number of golf players. Thanks to this, the investments in this sport have also increased significantly. There are a lot of arguments for people to think that golf is a sport for those have loads of money, but those work in this field disapprove of this. According to the latest statistics, there are over five hundred million golf players around the world at the present moment.

Curiosities From the World of Golf

There are different curiosities in all fields, these curiosities revealing different secrets and details which have led to the things we know today. Let’s take a ride in the world of golf and see what this very popular sport has to hide.

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