How to Hit a Draw with Irons the Easy Way

Learn how to hit a draw with irons by making these simple changes to your golf setup. In this golf draw lesson, Todd Kolb shows you how his new Vertical Line Swing Tour Draw system will help you master the high golf draw shot with easy golf swing tips!

See how the Vertical Line Golf Swing can help you play better golf this season:

I’m gonna let you in on a secret:

You do not have to live with your golf slice. You can learn how to draw the golf ball.

If you keep slicing your irons, it’s not because you don’t have time to practice.

It’s not because you’re “just an okay golfer.”

It’s because no one has taught you the right way to fix it.

In today’s lesson, I show you how to hit a nice, high draw with your irons.

This method is easy to learn, easy to repeat, and you’ll start seeing results immediately.

It also goes against everything you’ve learned about conquering the slice.

But that’s exactly why it works.

If this feels revolutionary to you, wait until you check out Tour Draw.

Tour Draw is a video series that reveals all the secrets for consistently hitting a nice, high draw with any club.

This is advice you’ve never heard before, because it’s based on brand new scientific insight…

…insight that proves everything we thought we knew about the golf slice is dead wrong.

Learn the truth with instruction that includes step-by-step setup and swing tips, warm-up drills, practice strategy, and more.

And then get ready to completely reinvent your golf game.

By learning how to hit a draw in golf, my students add 20-30 yards to their drive on average.

Ready to watch your buddies’ jaws drop?

See why the Tour Draw series is changing the game for amateur golfers:

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