How to Hit a Bunker Shot (Golf Bunker Shot Lesson)

The greenside bunker shot is one of the most feared shots for most amateur golfers. Using this golf bunker shot lesson tips will help you eliminate the fear of and learn how to hit a bunker shot quickly!

Learn how to start playing your best golf:

Bunker Shots Made Easy in 4 Tips:
1. The objective is to throw sand, not hit the ball
2. Setup: stance slightly wider than normal, flare the toes and bend the knees, pressure slightly forward on the lead foot
3. Ball positioned slightly forward, stance opened with a slightly opened club face
4. Motion – swing the club straight back, keep the club face open, splash the sand and finish with the club in front of you instead of over the shoulder

Now that you know how to hit bunker shots, you have nothing to fear when you land in the sand!

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