How to Hit a 40 Yard Pitch Shot (Golf Pitch Shots)

Are you terrified of skulling the ball over the green, or maybe the dreaded chunk shot on on a really tight lie from 40 yards? You’re not alone!

Today I’m going to give you two simple steps in your pitching motion that are going to give you the confidence and the consistency you’ve been searching for.

I’m Sam Vosler, lead golf coach for the Sanford Power Golf Academy and with my good friends at USGolfTV and we are going to discuss the fear behind these mid-range pitch shots.

The masses of golfers have a fear of the 40 yd pitch shot.

Club selection -prefer less loft

1. Low and wide arc – lengthen your flat spot more margin for error if you do this (think of a plane landing in your downswing) – bruise or nip the grass

2. Head turns toward the target and leads the arms – this is going to help you rotate mini pivot; head shouldn’t stay still

Common Mistakes

– Too much hinge in the backswing

– Head stays down, no rotation

Follow this simple instruction and you’ll be on your way to better pitch shots in no time!

Learn how to STOP chunking your golf shots:

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