How to Find the Perfect Golf Swing Tempo (Golf Tempo Drill)

Are Golf Shoes Really Necessary?

If you are just getting into the game of golf, you may be wondering whether golf shoes are really that necessary for a beginning golfer. After all, they can be pretty expensive with entry level shoes generally going for at least fifty dollars.

Where to Go for the Best Golf Instruction

If you play golf then there is one thing you need to do if you want to improve your game, and that is to get some kind of golf instruction from somewhere. Even the top tour pros have a coach and have lessons all the time in order to keep their game sharp. You can visit the pro at your local club, or attend an academy, or even teach yourself by watching tutorials on DVD and researching the theory of the golf swing too.

How To Be the Perfect Golfing Partner

To feel at home, and be accepted as a golfer by your playing partners, you need to know more than how to hit the ball off the tee, down the fairway, and into the hole. Golf is a social game. People will enjoy playing golf with you based on how comfortable they are having you in their group.

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Golf: Etiquette On the Putting Green

The putting green is where your group will all be together for the most important shots on the hole. Here is where you must show the most respect and consideration to the other people in your group. Following these ten rules will help everything go smoothly and make the others glad you’re in their group.

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Golf Club Memberships Offer More Than Just Insurance

What comes to mind when golf club memberships are thought of may be the insurance schemes they offer to members as an exclusive aspect of being a member of the club. But there is more to becoming a member than just the insurance aspect. Did you know that there are new member benefits that often include several rounds of free golf at some of the top golf courses in existence?

Slow Down To Cure Your Slice

Why waste all of that power that you have generated with your body turn by hitting from the top! Find out how you can cure your slice by slowing down and not rushing from the top of your backswing.

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Simple Drill To Help You Stop Golf Slicing

If you are looking to stop golf slicing, then try out this simple golf drill below. The basic aim of the drill is to help you swing the golf club along a more inside to outside swing path.

Correct Your Grip To Cure Your Golf Slice

Changing any part of your golf swing or setup can be a challenging operation. But if you could cure your golf slice with a simple adjustment to your golf grip surely it is worth the effort!

Great Tips For Fixing A Golf Slice

Sometimes it can be a couple of simple adjustments that will help you on your way to fixing a golf slice. Find out if these couple of great tips and suggestions will help you on your way to curing your slice once and for all.

Golf Slicing – 2 Factors That Cause A Golf Slice

Before you attempt to cure your golf slice it is a good idea to understand what the 2 basic fundamental factors are that influence slicing the ball. Find out what these 2 factors are and see if it helps you to cure your golf slice once and for all!


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