How to Compress the Golf Ball for Amazing Contact – GOLF SWING IMPACT POSITION

A Dior Golf Match

More and more people label golf as a sport for businessmen only and for people who have loads of money, not to mention that it is a sport for people who are passed their first youth. However, more and more youngsters are interested in playing this sport, this sport becoming a trendy one and a pretty cool one, too.

Lower Your Golf Scores With The Correct Set-Up

The Correct Stance Can Lower Your Golf Scores – If you want to improve your accuracy, you need to set-up correctly. If you are not in the proper position when you begin your golf swing, you are…

Orange Whip Golf Training Aid – What I Found When I Tried It

I think I might have found the perfect tool to improve my golf swing! I am not sure why I am telling all you people out there about it, but I cannot keep it to myself any longer. I just hope we are never in the same competitions. I want to tell you where I bought mine and where you can get one at a great price. First, some details about the tool itself.

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The Basic Golf Swing

The golf swing is a creation of a circle around a fixed point. Like when drawing a circle with a compass the radius will remain the same if the center point is not moved.

Golf Mobile and Home Smart Golf Game Simulator with Swing Stick


3 Tips To Improve Putting With The Proper Putting Stance

Where you aware that if your putting stance is not correct this could be the reason you miss more putts? Learn these 3 tips that will help you improve putting by having the proper putting stance.

Great Putting Drill To Improve Your Ball Striking

There are some great golf putting drills out there that can help you to improve your putting technique, distance control, direction control and many other areas of your putting performance. However, there are not that many good ones that will help you to improve your ball striking abilities.

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Golf Putting Technique – 7 Steps To Putting Success

All great putters find their own preferences and putting techniques to ensure their success on the greens. However, there certain elements to a good putting technique that they would all agree upon!

How To Improve Your Golf Putting On Multi Tiered Greens

For the lesser experienced golfer’s out there learning to putt up these multi level greens can be an extremely painful and sometimes embarrassing experience. The best way to improve your golf putting when putting up these multi tiered greens is to break the putt down into 2 stages.

Golf Putting Drills Will Improve Confidence & Consistency

Whether you are looking to improve your long range putting, make more of your short putts, learn how to judge your distances more accurately or work on your direction control, there is a golf putting drill out there that can help you. The benefit of using practice drills is to help you install confidence and consistency in your overall putting performance.

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Whether you are a beginner to the game of golf or a seasoned professional then you are most likely to have heard of the Callaway brand as suppliers of clubs and other golfing paraphernalia. They are one of the market leaders in their field. It may be that you are looking to buy some golfing equipment, if so, Callaway is a company who’s products you are likely to consider. Have a look through their vast range of items you may find something that interests you.


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