How CBD Has Changed My Life

I’ve talked about my anxiety before, but today, in addition to giving some other ways that I’m staying sane in quarantine while social distancing, I really wanted to get into my experience with CBD. I talk about how and why I started taking it, and why I picked Medterra.

As I mention in the video, Medterra is now a partner of mine, but I used them before we teamed up and will continue to use them if/when our partnership ends. They did not pay me to make this particular video, I just wanted to tell you guys all how awesome they are! But I encourage you to do your own research on their website:

Also after recording this I found out that right now they’re giving a COMPLETELY FREE 250mg CBD tincture to healthcare workers on the frontline of the COVID-19 crisis:

And for everyone else you can use my code Paige15 to get 15% off!

How Long Does It Take to Play a Round of Golf? And Should I Take Lessons?

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