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Powered Golf Trolleys

Powered golf trolleys are quickly becoming popular among the golfers of today. They are the closest thing to having someone carry your golf bag for you. They can be pushed, pulled, walked beside, or directed using a remote control device.

Comfort is an Important Aspect When Choosing the Proper Golf Club Irons

The golf club iron is one of the most used equipment when playing golf. Due to this, it is important to discuss that the proper preparation required before buying the equipment. As in most sports equipment, the golfing iron must be comfortable to use in order that the golfer can truly use it.

Some Reasons Why Golf is a Mind Game

Even though you will spend a good bit of time moving from one hole to another, golfing is still about physical strategy and unwavering mental focus. Among other things, you will need to study wind patterns, geographic terrain, and other features that will have an effect on your game.

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Just What Were You Thinking Over That Golf Shot?

Don’t think about a shiny white golf ball right now. Mental translation… think about a shiny white golf ball right now.

Golf Mobile and Home Smart Golf Game Simulator with Swing Stick


Three Main Golf Ball Designs

In general, there are three major ball types available on the market today. Keep reading to find out what they are designed to achieve and what type you should use to lower your total score.

Top 5 Tips For Golfers

If you are interested in playing golf, then you will want to make sure that you can win on a regular basis. In most cases, there are five things that will improve your game without taking an enormous amount of time or effort. As may be expected, if you want to improve even faster, you will always be well served by spending as much time as possible practicing your swing.

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Do I Choose Steel Or Graphite For My Golf Clubs?

Choosing the right golf clubs for your style of play is an important part of playing the game. If you are new to the game of golf you may think that all clubs are the same, but you’d be totally wrong.

Lower Golf Scores – How Three Putts Hurt You and How to Stop Three Putting and Lower Scores

The average golfer three putts 8 to 10 holes a round. See how easily you can shave 10 strokes off of your game.

The Principles of the Pro Golf Swing

Developing consistency and confidence in your golf game begins by firstly developing a better understanding of how the golf club’s design influences your golf balls behavior. Each golf club is engineered to very fine tolerances and has been built to help you to gain a level of control over trajectory, curvature and ball speed. Your job is to use the golf club correctly, which is to say use it in such a way that you strike consistent golf shots that you’re satisfied with…most of the time.

Don’t Just Smack the Ball, Swing Smoothly – “A Golfing Mistake Made by Many”

Many people go golfing to relieve stress and that’s all fine and dandy. If that’s why you’re there then by all means hit that poor little ball as hard as your muscles will let you. However if you going there to play a good game of golf, and working on getting your par numbers down then just hitting the ball with all your might isn’t the way you want to proceed.


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