Hit a Draw With This Simple Drill

Are you tired of seeing the ball slice to the right with you’re irons? Well, you’re in luck today, because I’ve got the perfect drill with 3 simple steps that will have you hitting a draw in no no time.


I’m Sam Vosler…lead golf coach for the Sanford POWER Golf Academy and with my good friends at USGolfTV..

And today Im going to show you a drill called the 10 o’clock, 4 o’clock Drill..yes, that’s right; I need you visualizing a clock ⏰ for this drill.

First, you need two golf clubs/alignment sticks.

You can also get Driveway markers at Home Depot for less than $2.00

You’re going to lay these clubs down, thinking of a clock from where you’re addressing the ball…

One stick at 10 o’clock…in front of you pointing to the right of your target line, and one stick at 4 o’clock behind you. Let’s not worry about aiming or a target..let’s just have a goal of changing the curve of the ball and swing the club.

Club Path Direction:
In to Out/to the right and club face to the right, just less so than that path. Match the alignment sticks with your swing direction

Club face:
About 6 inches in front of the ball. I want you to get the toe of the club mostly pointing up to the sky or ceiling…we need to get this club face back to this position—so we want to release those hands before we get to the ball.

Swing out to the right and turn towards the target

If you do those three simple steps in the 10 o’clock, 4 o’clock Drill, you’re going to see your the ball curve right to left…and start hitting beautiful draws into those greens!


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