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The Best Training Tool For Beginning Golfers – The Medicus Golf Swing Trainer

Golfing can be a difficult sport to succeed in due to the consistency required to increase your skill. One of the things that helped me succeed as I tried to improve my game was a golf swing trainer.

How to Fix a Slice

Usually your stance and swing plane are two of the biggest problems. I suggest taking a golf swing trainer and a large bucket of balls to the practice range. The first thing to do is loosen up your muscles and this can be done with your swing trainer which has a built in grip and also has an iron head so you can also hit range balls with it.

Why is Your Mental Game So Important in Golf?

“Competitive golf is mainly played on a five and a half inch course, the space between your ears” – Bobby Jones There are many sports that require an excellent mental attitude. But golf is unique. During a round, a player will only spend half an hour going through their pre-shot ritual and swinging the club.

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Simple Golf Exercises

Improving your golf swing and performance can be affordable, easy, and simple. It requires a little of your time and you’ll get results that you want. Golf exercises can now be done at home and you can do it with full confidence without being uncomfortable performing the exercises in front of a stranger.

Golf Mobile and Home Smart Golf Game Simulator with Swing Stick


Know About Some Golf Clubs Accessories

Golf is generally considered the game of rich people. Golf club accessories are very expensive.

Do You Need a Golf GPS Or Laser Device? What to Look For

Any help to your game is welcome. On the golf course any/every golfer needs to know the yardages to certain key targets; these include carries over bunkers distances to flags and to various parts of the green. There are several devices now on the market which can give you these guidances.

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Golf Course Etiquette – 10 Rules to Follow

Knowing golf course etiquette is necessary even if you are not a golf pro. When you behave properly on the course, you will shine like a real sports star. Every sport has its set of rules. Golf is no exception.

Addicted to Golf? – Pro Golf Tech

What is it about golf that is so contagious? Why is it that we take this game so seriously?

Golf Stroke Mechanics – The Pre-Stroke

This article discusses what is involved during the pre-stroke. This is the time prior to the actual stroke itself, where the golfer needs to position themselves for the actual swing.

Discover the Six Golf Courses You Must Play in California

One of the great things about golf is that there are so many different courses that you can play. You can go to pretty much any area of the globe and find some fantastic courses just waiting for you. Below are six of the best golf courses which can be found in California, USA.


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