Growing My Glutes! ???? Leg Day Workout Routine

Tiger Woods – Prodigy to Pariah

From the moment Tiger Woods burst on the PGA scene, golf was never the same. With the coming of Tiger, interest in golf sprang up among all ethnic groups, especially African-Americans. For the first time the PGA had a player on its tour that, not only looked like us, but was a winner!

Ben Hogan Swing Secret – Discover the Real Story

The world of golf must be totally shocked when they heard about the Ben Hogan swing secret lie. He is held in such high esteem. He holds an esteemed record that everyone in golf holds in awe. As a Golf Pro Ben H is second to none with his one plane golf swing being used by the likes of Vijay Singh and Tiger Woods. Ben Hogan is a 9 time winner, of the most prestigious Major Golf Tournaments in the world.

Wilson Golf Clubs – The Key to Success on the Golf Course

Every golfer aspires to be considered one of the elites in the sport. Because of how popular the game has become, this does not only ensure popularity, but also tons of cash to be won from tournaments that are being held worldwide. If you’re a golfer, then you’re probably familiar with the PGA Tour, which is one of the most prestigious golfing tournaments to date.

How to Get the Best Deal on Men’s Golf Clubs

We all know that the first rule of amateur golf is that all bad shots can be blamed on the golf clubs. The second rule is that the fastest way to improve your game is buy new golf clubs. Okay maybe we know this isn’t a really rational approach to improving our game but almost all of us are looking for that next great driver or putter to put us over the top right?

It is Possible to Simply Improve Your Golf Game With These 5 Easy Tips

Addressing the ball. The first way to simply improve your golf swing is to address the ball correctly. Many golfers just step up to the ball and start swinging, then they wonder why the ball doesn’t go the right way.

Better Putting to the Lowest Score of Your Life!

Better putting is the fastest, and easiest way to achieve your goal to score lower in golf. Surprise your buddies with your best round ever!

Golf Improvement, Even the Pros Get Help – Golf Tips to a Better Game

Try to get to the course early enough to hit at least a small bucket of balls and start your round ready and positive. Everyone’s warm up is unique and certainly is totally up to you, but if your routine isn’t working try this.

Getting Up Close and Personal With Sun Mountain Golf Bags

I recently had the urge to try out some of the newest made Sun Mountain Golf Bags out in the market. As sure as I was that I definitely pleased with how they were made, I never thought I would be this impressed with them though. There were different features that definitely had me raising my eyebrows which eventually led me to believing that these would be the brand for me.

7 Skills Needed to Work As a PGA Associate

There are many different skills that are needed to work in a certain field of expertise. Everyone that works in these fields have the 7 skills that are needed.

Women of Golf

The sport of golf may date its origins as far back as ancient Rome, when a leather ball was set on a wet sand golf tee instead of the performance enhanced version used today. When women first picked up the sport is unsure, but as early as 1552, there were avid women golfers.

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