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Learn the Proper Stroke With Online Golf Lessons

To spot a golf hook, you have to first be sure to understand what it is exactly. When a player makes his stroke and the ball moves over to the right after which it suddenly curves back left and as a result misses it’s aim, it is called a hook. It is a stressful experience to a golfer to have a hook occur to his shot. This adds to the anxiety and difficulty of eliminating the hook.

Find the Golfing Lessons and Training That Suits You

A lot of tutorial golf guides can look good on the surface and can be extremely costly, nevertheless they might not be composed in a manner that works well for you. Most of these books comprise identical information, but it’s the structure that you should think about to match your learning style.

7 Tips For Buying Golf Clubs and Improving Your Golf Game

How to buy golf clubs. Learn what to look for when buying your golf clubs.

Golf Alignment

Your whole body, feet, knees, hips, forearms and shoulders should be positioned parallel to the target line. If you were to look at your own stance from behind, you should appear to be aiming slightly left of target. (Assuming you are right handed) This is an optical illusion of sorts because the ball is on the target line and the body is not.

The How and Why of Golf Etiquette

Good manners is what we are talking about here and in sport there doesn’t seem to be that many good manners because there is so much depending on the results, however in golf even with massive money to be won the etiquette is at the top of the list. In golf you will not be seen as a good player unless you observe the rules of etiquette and understand them. Here are some of the basics which should be observed by all when starting out and more importantly why they should be adhered to.

How to Improve Your Golf Swing With a Mirror

Now I hear you saying “a mirror??” Yes a mirror, not a make up mirror or bathroom mirror but a full height mirror. You will find one at a good driving range or better still you can often pick one up at a local second hand furniture store and set it up at home in the garage or back yard.

Know How to Golf Better and Knock Everyone’s Socks Off on the Golf Course!

The first step on how to golf better is to find that good drive to make the ball fly out onto the freeway without landing on the rough spots. But first, you have to mentally prepare for it. You have to stand behind the ball once you’ve teed it up and visualize its trajectory.

Your Complete Guide to Cheap Tee Times

Golf enthusiasts are always in search for effective ways to save money on their games and if you are one of them, the best way to do this is to find cheap tee times. To know more and how to find them, read on…

Play Your Own Game

I play golf. Correction, I play golf badly. In fact, I played so badly the other day I came home and told my wife that I was seeing someone else for the four hours.

TaylorMade Clubs – Choose the Perfect Golf Club For You

It is a given fact that the kind of golf club you use greatly affects your game. However, it is important to note that it does not necessarily mean that you have to purchase an expensive set – what you need is the right set that best suits your playing style.

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