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Putting Pressure on Your Putting

This article focuses on creating a sense of pressure while you are practicing on your Indoor Putting Green. If you leave our the pressure when you are practicing, all your practice is almost worthless. You need to feel the pressure as if you were putting for par or a birdie.

Choosing The Proper Golf Grip

Learn the proper golf grip and lower your scores. Choose between the three types of grips that best suite your preference.

What Does ‘Confidence’ Mean to You?

Confidence is a term that comes up often when talking about golf performance. ‘It’s all about confidence’ and ‘I just need to be confident’ are some of the sentences heard. Confidence means different things to different people. This article is about helping you to grasp what confidence means for you. How do you experience it, and more importantly, what can you do to get it?

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Callaway Clubs – The #1 Club in Golf

The Callaway Golf Company is based in Carlsbad, California. They manufacture a full line of golf equipment, including woods, irons, wedges, putters and golf balls, and also license the Callaway brand name for apparel, footwear and accessories. Callaway Golf also markets products under the Odyssey putter brand, as well as the Top-Flite and Ben Hogan golf brands. Callaway clubs have the highest number of sales every year, making it the number one producer of golf clubs.

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How to Dress for Golf and Why Is There a Dress Code?

You always see so many contrasting styles of dress on the golf course and at the driving range and this is one of the many idiosyncrasies that makes golf so interesting. It can be the guy who plays rarely and is dressed in casual looking shorts or pants that have not been made for golf and a regular looking T shirt, to the guy who has the latest Nike shirts, pants, shoes and cap and then the retired gentleman wearing long socks and shorts with a regular button up shirt and flat cap.

Golf Putting Tips and Instruction to Lower Your Score

Here we list you basic golf putting tips that’s helps you to lower your golf score. If you really serious about your golf score focus on your basic golf putting tips.

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How to Develop a Good Chipping Grip

Have you been told that you need to develop a chipping grip in order to have better chip shots? Are you at the point of not wanting to make a chip shot at all? Don’t worry, the basic chip shot is very easy to learn once you are comfortable with your chipping grip. After you have mastered the grip, you simply allow the loft of the club to do all the work for you.

Golfing Techniques For Beginners

Learning the correct techniques to golf as a beginner is absolutely vital to your game. Unless you master the correct techniques early on, you will probably end up getting into bad habits which can restrict your potential as a golfer. The following golfing tips for beginners outline the most common issues new players face and how to overcome them.

Two Things That Every Golfer Needs – A Golf Laser Rangefinder and the Tom Watson DVD

The golf legend, Tom Watson, has recently released his golf tutorial called “Lessons of a Lifetime”. This tutorial includes a booklet and a DVD set consisting of two discs. Unlike many other tutorials, this set continues to enjoy critical acclaim as having the best golf education content ever produced.

Golfing Schools – Helpful Information

Golf is creating quite the hype these days; kids to adults enjoy this game that provides mental and physical challenges that can be played at a recreational pace or professional pursuit. There are also a myriad of golf courses that are available in every state where you can play a game whether it’s an 8-hole game or an 18-hole prestigious tour for golfing professionals. Do you want to increase you knowledge and skills in playing golf?


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