Golf Clubs Set Complete Golf 9 Club Set for Men Right Handed, True Temper Steel Shafts, Putter, Deluxe Stand Bag & 3 Bonus Head Covers

Why Choose This High Class Men’s Right Handed Complete Golf 9 Club Set? Complete Golf 9 Club Set for Men Right Handed, it’s aimed more at beginners and professional golfers, and in testing it, we were really impressed with its performance. Each club is designed for easy launch; it has excellent stability with a medium-sized top line and a generous sole, and the Irons provide something very important for beginners when they first start using them – confidence in the address and extra help in getting the ball up and out. Full Titanium Driver with a Large “Sweet Spot” To Hit Bombs Off the Tee! Very Forgiving #1 & #3 Fairway Woods Built For Long High-Flying Shots. #4 Hybrid Which Is a Great Substitute for Long Irons. Easy to Hit = Less Frustrated You! 6-PW Stainless Steel Irons with Bonus Sand Wedge! These Irons Were Made for Long, Controlled Shots. Lightweight Blade Style Putter with Alignment System to Sink More Putts! Large Mid-Size Dual-Compound Grips for Extra Comfort! Steel Iron Shafts! Materials: 460cc Titanium driver head / Stainless Steel wood heads / Stainless Steel irons for better performance and longer-lasting clubs! 100% High Hardness and Toughness On Woods / True Temper Steel Shaft On Irons #3 Fairway Woods #4/24* Hybrid Wood 6-PW Irons ( 6, 7, 8, 9, Pitching Wedge) Putter What’s Included in Golf Club Set: Driver: #1 Wood* 1 pcs Fairway: #3 Wood * 1 pcs Hybrid: #4H Wood* 1 pcs #6-#9 Iron* 4 pcs PW Iron* 1 pcs Putter * 1 pcs Stand Bag + Bag Cover 3 Headcovers High Class Men’s Right Handed Complete Golf 9 Club Set, more focused on professionalism and prioritizes ease of use. Buy with confidence, it will be a good choice for you! * Standard set fits golfer heights 5’5″ to 6’1″
🏌PERFORMANCE OF GOLF CLUB SET – The golf clubs set wood head is designed as a hollow structure with a larger volume and a smaller face angle for easier technical mastery. 15° loft angle for effective control of right-handed shots and a low center of gravity for easier ball handling. The low center of gravity design makes it easier to launch the ball. Increase the loft angle at the bottom of the club to improve the ball catching effect.
🏌GREATER SWEET SPOT – 460cc forged golf driver sweet spot is enlarged, larger sweet spot, making it easier and more convenient to hit the ball, humanized chipping angle design, more able to reduce the frictional resistance of the turf.
🏌SUPER FORGIVING – Lightweight style putter with built in Alignment System to sink more putts! Super forgiving stainless golf clubs set of #6, 7, 8, 9, PW irons and sand wedge easy to use putter. The golf clubs set have etched line in the putter head can be used as an auxiliary tool when aiming the ball.
🏌LOWER CENTER OF GRAVITY – The concave-backed head design of the golf clubs set increases rotation, increases ball speed, improves forgiveness, lowers the center of gravity, and reduces turf resistance in the recessed area towards the bottom of the head for a versatile advantage.
🏌LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN – Golf club lightweight shaft, reinforced processing, very high toughness, reinforced hardness is better, hit the ball far, and shock resistance, and relatively high forgiving., $269.99, $269.99

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