Golf Club Set for Men 10 Pieces Right Hand, Includes 460cc Alloy Driver, 3# Fairway Wood, 4# Hybrid, 6#, 7#, 8#, 9# & P# Irons, Free Putter, Portable Golf Stand Bag

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● Professional Complete Golf Club Set for Golf Lovers: The complete golf club set provides 9 pieces of golf clubs for all levels to deal with all conditions. It includes an aluminum driver, a 3# fairway wood with headcover, a 4# hybrid, 6#/7#/8#/9# irons, a pitching wedge, and a putter, getting golf lovers fully equipped for the course.

● Successful Tee Shots and Final Goals: The aluminum driver is equipped with a 460cc oversize club head and large sweet spot to help you make the tee shot accurately. Likewise, the heel/toe weighted putter is specially designed with an alignment aid to avoid off-center hits and make the final goals.

● High-quality Wood, Hybrid and Irons: The other clubs with comfortable TPR handles also promote the golfer’s great performance on the course. For example, the 3# fairway wood enables high trajectory with guaranteed distance. And the irons with steel shafts feature superior elasticity and a low gravity center for better control. Besides, the 4# hybrid makes a great substitute for both.

● Convenient Stand Bag: All these clubs can be well kept in one stand bag. And with a 7-way divider, the clubs won’t collide with each other and suffer from bumps. Moreover, supported by 2 non-slip feet, the stand bag boasts great stability and presents a convenient angle for you to fetch the club you need.


Color: Black/Blue/Gray

Material: Carbon fiber, aluminum, zinc, iron, TPR, steel

Golf stand bag length: 34″

Driver length: 43″

3# Fairway wood length: 42″

4# Hybrid length: 39.5″

6# Iron length: 37″

7# Iron length: 36.5″

8# Iron length: 37″

9# Iron length: 35.5″

Pitching wedge length: 35″

Putter length: 34″

Net weight: 13 lbs
Improved Putting Performance: The putter in this set is specifically designed with low weighting for enhanced control and shot-making abilities on the green. The easy-to-use alignment aid ensures smooth strokes and keeps putts on target, even on off-center hits, providing forgiveness and club set
Toe and Heel Weighted Irons: The 6#-9# irons are engineered with toe and heel weighting to increase hitting distance and speed, while maintaining accuracy. This innovative design enables golfers to strike the ball with confidence, achieving better overall performance on the fairways and club set for men
Ergonomic Design for Optimal Comfort: The alloy driver measures 17″ in length, offering an ideal size and hitting position tailored for men. All handles are covered with TPR material, providing a comfortable grip with improved friction. The entire set weighs just 13lbs, ensuring convenient portability during your golf outings.beginner golf set
Convenient Lightweight Stand Bag: The included lightweight stand bag boasts adjustable shoulder straps and a rugged handle top for easy carrying. It features numerous pockets to store your golf essentials and accessories, while the stable stand allows you to securely place the bag on the ground while playing. Stay organized and enjoy hassle-free rounds with this practical golf clubs men right handed
List Price: $269.99

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