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golf clothes

Golf is often viewed as a sport for old men with pearl necklaces but it’s undergoing a bit of a style revival. Like tennis and running, it needs to withstand the elements with waterproof fabrics, but it also requires comfort and mobility. Luckily, golf companies have been working hard to create clothes that do all of that and look great at the same time.

Golf attire has developed hugely over the last 20 years or so. Gone are the days of cotton polos that would soak up sweat and could double as a tent in hot weather and baggy pants that sat on your hips. The game is long and you might spend 4-5 hours walking the course, so it’s important to wear comfortable clothing that breathes and moves with you.

The upper-body should be a collared polo shirt, either long or short sleeve and it’s generally considered good etiquette to tuck it in. The Ping Elemental Polo is a great choice with a stretch fabric for great fit and the addition of Graphene print inside which helps to conduct heat to keep you warm in colder weather. It’s available in white or a range of other colors and is an excellent option for cooler temperatures or playing on windy days. A vest, sweater or light jacket are all fine options for adding extra layers if needed, but T-shirts and sports jerseys are not, as well as any clothing with big banner or foul language advertising on the back or front.

Pants and shorts should be made from a breathable fabric, such as polyester or blends and have plenty of stretch so they move with you. The Nike Dri-FIT PDZR is an example and comes in a range of different colours, while the Adidas Warp Knit offers a great looking white option that’s both breathable and features moisture wicking technology. A belt is optional but can help make you look smarter, especially if you’re wearing chinos or khakis.

A pair of golf shoes should be lightweight, durable and offer good traction to ensure you don’t slip or slide when you walk on uneven ground. The new Nike Air Zoom Strike 2 is an excellent pair for those who want to step up their golfing game and are looking for an upgrade from their older ones.

A good tip for golfers is to choose a bag that is large enough to carry all of your essentials, including water bottles, balls and divot repair tools. However, it’s important to avoid bags that are too bulky or have too many pockets as this can add unnecessary weight to your round.

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